30 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO in 2022 (FREE and PAID)

Keeping up with the latest, most cutting-edge SEO and keyword research tools can be a pain.

Fortunately, you have access to a wide selection of current technologies that may help you with organic search marketing in the most efficient way possible.

“Old is gold,” as the phrase goes, but what about “new is new”?

You may also engage SEO professionals to help you improve your SEO strategies.

This article highlights the top keyword research tools available, including both long-standing and newly introduced products, ensuring that you’ll be able to choose one that’s right for your company or website.

This tool provides comprehensive SEO data for a given keyword, such as keyword volume, competitiveness, CPC, and top-ranking pages.

Even though certain keyword research tools are expensive, the expense of a monthly subscription is well worth the time and money spent.

Top 10 Keyword Research Tools in 2022

1. SEMRush


SEMRush’s role in SEO cannot be emphasized.

It’s more than just a keyword tool; it’s a complete keyword research toolkit that includes content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing tools.

You can utilize it to quickly grow and acquire an online audience. It gives you up to ten extremely targeted keywords that your competitors are already using.

On SEMRush, you can readily access information like search volume, competition level, suggested bid, and keyword difficulty to help you make well-informed decisions.


Key Features of Semrush are below:-

  • Find more about long-tail keyword and ad group ideas.
  • Compile a list of annual keyword trends.
  • Data on CPC distribution in the world.
  • Get full access to the keyword research toolkit.
  • Organic traffic insights and keyword difficulty analysis.

Pricing:- The free version is fairly useful; the commercial version starts at $119.95 per month with a seven-day free trial.

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2. SE Ranking

SE-Ranking-keyword research tools

Out of all the keyword research tools on this list, SE Ranking is our favorite. It strikes the appropriate price-performance ratio.

It includes a plethora of features that make it the best keyword research tool for SEO professionals. It’s well known for being an industry-leading rank tracking tool that makes it simple to track rankings on Google and other search engines. You can also compare ranks for other locations (for example, the UK vs. the USA) and mobile devices.

The website audit tool and the on-page checker will tell you what’s wrong with your site and give you recommendations for improving it. The Backlink Checker also assists you in developing a long-term link-building plan.

Key Features of SE Ranking keyword research tool:-

  • Precise keyword difficulty score
  • This tool can help you find non-English keywords as well.
  • Along with Google, you may use Yandex to search for keywords in Russian-speaking nations.
  • Advertisers can also see which competitors are bidding for the same search phrase and where they rank in the paid results.

Pricing:- SE Ranking has a unique pricing structure that varies depending on how frequently you want to check your ranks, the length of your subscription, and the number of keywords you want to follow. You have to spend $31/month for the optimum plan, $71/month for plus, and $151/month for the enterprise plan.

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3. KWFinder

KWFinder keyword research tool

KWFinder is a keyword tool that comes as part of Mangools’ SEO toolkit. Its main benefit is that it helps users in locating long-tail keywords with low keyword difficulty.

KWFinder can be used in two ways to conduct keyword research. You can try to locate keywords by typing in a seed term or a domain, and a list of keyword ideas will appear.

You can choose a language or a location for the keywords to come from. The program is simple to use, and KWFinder provides excellent keyword ideas. This is why it’s an excellent choice for novices.

It even allows you to conduct competitive research so you can stay on top of what your competitors are up to. Simply enter their domain or URL, and this keyword tool will suggest the most effective keywords to target based on what’s working for them.

KWFinder also offers historical information. You may see how keywords performed in the past if you want to. This is great news for firms that operate on a seasonal basis. Based on how well specific phrases performed the prior year, you’ll know how well they do this year.

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Key Features:

  • It has an easy-to-operate user interface.
  • Keywords can be found in any language and any location.
  • Choose from the list of very powerful keywords.
  • Learn how keywords compete with one another.
  • There are detailed reviews and recommendations for the search engine results pages.
  • Using filters, you can limit the list of keyword suggestions.

Pricing:- Basic plan for $29.80/month, Premium plan for $39.90/month, and Agency plan for $79.90/month are the three options available.

4. Soovle

Soovle keyword research tools

Soovle is a free keyword research tool that lets you enter a search term and see how it ranks in 16 various search engines.

You can filter your results by including or excluding engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and others.

You may also drag and drop queries into a “saved suggestions box” to compare them later or make a favorites list.

Soovle differs from other keyword research tools in that it doesn’t rely on volume or competition data; instead, it displays what people are looking for when they use those phrases across different platforms.

There isn’t much to go on in terms of features. It’s a simple keyword tool. Simply type in a seed term, and Soovle will show you the top keywords associated with it from all of the search engines listed on the site.

Key Features:-

  • You can switch between search engines quickly.
  • You can customize your search options.
  • Information that has been saved can be used again in the future.

Pricing:- Free

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5. Google Keyword Planner


The Keyword Planner on Google is mostly for advertisers that want to run their ads on Google. It is, however, a useful tool for SEO, and unlike other paid tools, it is available for free.  You’ll need a Google Ads account to use it.

After you’ve created an account and logged into Google Keyword Planner, you can begin searching for keywords utilizing the Find New Keywords and Get Metrics tools.

Both of these tools are extremely useful for discovering keywords that can help you rank better in search results.  If you wish to enhance your earnings by placing adverts on your site, you may use them to locate PPC keywords.

Not only that, but keyword stats are also available. This can help you figure out how many impressions, clicks, and CTR a keyword can get.

The Keyword Planner comes with a couple of basic capabilities. It is one of the most reliable sources of keyword data because it comes directly from Google. The data is well-integrated with AdSense monetization, making it simple to send adverts to different search engines.

Key Features:-

  • It gives you statistics to assist you to decide whether to use a keyword for current or new ads.
  • The top monthly searches are listed in Google Keyword Planner.
  • For company websites, this is the greatest solution.

Pricing:- Anyone with a Google Ads account can use it for free.

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6. Google Trends


Google Trends is a one-of-a-kind keyword research tool from Google. It aids in the discovery of new keywords as well as the evaluation of their popularity through a graphical depiction that compares the number of searches over time.

This is one of the best tools available for finding new keywords or search trends. By searching for a specific keyword and then looking through the “similar queries” area, you can find new phrases and search trends. If you want to know if a keyword is growing more popular, you can use Google Trends to do so.

You can type in a keyword to see how popular it is in Google Search and whether it is increasing or decreasing in popularity.

This tool shows the results of both the Mobile and Desktop Volume versions in real-time. It shows data from imagery searches, web searches, and YouTube searches in a graphic format. Users can also look up keyword records from previous years.

Key Features:-

  • Determine the stability of a search term.
  • Google Trends organizes data by year.
  • A drop-down menu allows you to switch between the trending and most searched viewpoints.

The pricing:-Google trend is free to use.

Best Plugins:

StackPath | Copysmith | Long Tail Pro | Barn2 Media | PayPro Global | Freelancer | Envira Gallery | Time Doctor

7. QuestionDB


If you wish to explore topics or keywords for a blog article, QuestionDB is one of the greatest keyword research tools.

Simply enter a seed term, and this fantastic tool will provide you with a long list of ideas for your next blog post or article. Free tools like QuestionDB are excellent, but they don’t provide you with the complete picture. You’ll need to upgrade to the paid version for that.

Pricing (Billed Annually): Pro ($7/month)

8. Moz Keyword Explorer


Moz Keyword Explorer is a keyword research platform that allows you to uncover keywords that will help you boost your SEO rankings.

It is one of the most popular and successful SEO tools on the market. Moz Keyword Explorer, unlike some other tools in its area, offers a basic design that allows you to focus on keyword research. Three key features are available on the platform.

For any keyword, Moz Keyword Explorer provides data on search traffic, competitiveness, and suggested bids. You can examine the history of each result’s SERP position as well as the number of keywords for which it ranks.

Rank tracking allows you to track the evolution of a keyword’s SERP position over time. Moz Keyword Explorer offers site audits and statistics for every domain or page, as well as recommendations for how to improve it.

Key features:

  • Receive keyword suggestions that are related to your search.
  • With organic Click Through Rate and Priority Score, smart targeting is possible.
  • Reports on-site audits and ranking tracking are provided.
  • Moz offers a one-month free trial period.

Pricing:- Premium plans start at $99 per month but you can also use it free up to 10 searches.

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9. Long Tail Pro


Long Tail Pro, like most paid keyword tools, provides an overview of statistics about your term, with a special focus on how you rank on Google’s first page vs your competition. You can use it to look at the top search engine results for your term to see where you rank in comparison to your competitors.

It’s simple to find keywords that help you rank higher on Google using Long Tail Pro. Simply by entering your seed term, you can access hundreds of keyword options. It assists you in locating less competitive keywords, as well as displaying the competitiveness of these keywords based on a variety of indicators.

The best feature of this application is the rank tracker’s accuracy and ease of use.

Pricing:- It’s a paid tool that costs $47 per month.

10. Serpstat


It is also a great keyword research tool for beginners.

Its Keyword Research Tool gives you information about keyword volume, popularity, competition, and difficulty. It also displays similar searches, allowing you to choose the most relevant keywords for your campaign.

Serpstat can also be used to evaluate a keyword’s trend and seasonality, allowing you to see what people are looking for and when they’re looking for it.

You’ll also have access to the Rank Tracking and Competitive Research tools, which will offer you the competitive advantage you need.

There are five different options to choose from, so you can find one that best meets your needs.

Pricing:- Lite ($52/month), Standard ($112/month), Advanced ($224/month), Enterprise ($374/month), and Custom ($374/month) are the monthly fees.

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Wrapping it up!

These are some of the most effective keyword research tools currently accessible in the SEO market.

Examine your budget first, and then choose what your brand’s SEO strategy should be focused on.

Also, think about how you’re going about keyword research. There are numerous methods for conducting keyword research.

Limit your search to free keyword research tools if money is a concern. You can use some of the best-paid tools to increase your SEO if you want a more comprehensive set of tools.

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