Best WordPress Chart Plugins for Data Visualization in 2022

If you want to give your blog more credibility, then provide more data you can present.

However, this begs the question of how to convey the data most effectively. When data is presented in a visual manner, such as graphs and charts, most people find it easier to understand.

Adding visual data to your blogs, graphs, and charts is something most webmasters miss, despite the boost it delivers to your authority and credibility. When you do see a graph, it’s usually just an image, not a dynamic one.

Using a picture will still convey your message and is OK if you never intend to alter your data.

This strategy, on the other hand, will not work if the statistics are likely to change or if you want to add the most recent figures as soon as they become available. You’ll need to make a dynamic graph for this.

Fortunately, there is a slew of wonderful plugins that make creating great-looking, dynamic graphs, and charts a breeze. Check out these sources if you’re seeking a technique to increase sales by using facts to back up your pitch.

8 Best Data Visualization WordPress Plugins (Chart Plugins)

1. Visualizer


ThemeIsle‘s Visualizer is a flexible chart and table solution. Tables, pie charts, line charts, area charts, geo charts, bar charts, column charts, and scatter charts are all available in the free edition.

The key selling point of Visualizer is its visualizations. Users can utilize any of the chart formats listed above.

These visualizations are responsive, cross-browser compatible, and colorful by default, thanks to Google’s Visualization API and plain HTML. You receive six more chart types if you upgrade to the paid edition.

Without table functionality, this plugin would not be on our list. The free and premium versions of Visualizer allow you to add responsive tables to any post or page, with a variety of customization options.

You may also change tables and charts from your admin interface and import data from any source if you upgrade to the premium edition.

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2. Easy Charts


Easy Charts is a free charting application built with the uvCharts Javascript framework.

Bar chart, stacked bar chart, step up a bar chart, percent bar chart, area chart, stacked area chart, percent area chart, line chart, pie chart, doughnut chart, polar area chart, and waterfall chart are among the 12 chart styles offered.

Charts are inserted as a custom post type, and data is entered via a configurable table with easy-to-change statistics. At the touch of a button, you can create columns and rows.

For your chart, a shortcode is displayed. If you prefer, you may use the Easy Charts option on the editor page to insert charts by just picking the one you want.

Easy Charts offers an astounding variety of customization choices. Every feature of your chart, including design, margins, labels, typography, and captions, can be changed.

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3. WpDataTables


wpDataTables is a freemium WordPress plugin that allows you to create stunning tables and charts for pages and posts without having to code.

There are two versions of this plugin: lite and pro. The lite version is limited in its capabilities, but it should suffice for the occasional table.

Visual representations such as comparison tables, charts, and graphs are available with this more sophisticated plugin. The good news is that you can import tables from Excel and Google Docs.

You can edit the data from either the back end or the front end of the WP page if you have administrator permissions. When it comes to data security, the plugin has a security layer that allows you to control how data is used.

4. Snowball

snowball data visualization plugins

This is the option to take if you want to give well-articulated facts as a blogger or web content writer. If you’ve used it, you’ll agree that it’s not simply a visual representation plugin; it has a lot more to give.

The user interface includes blocks that can be changed to suit various styles and preferences. As a result, customizing your WordPress website is a simple way to keep its authenticity.

On top of the usual charts and line graphs, it features more sophisticated graphs like the Choropleth graph and Scatters plots.

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5. Responsive Charts


Responsive Charts is a low-cost charting solution that allows you to create seven different types of animated charts.  Charts.js is used to make all of the charts. Pie chart, doughnut chart, bar chart, line chart, polar chart, radar chart, and bootstrap progress bars are the seven chart types.

Shortcodes can be used to insert charts into your content, or PHP can be used to insert charts straight into page designs. You can name your chart, choose a chart type, and choose the chart’s width in the chart settings area. A huge style settings area with dozens of options is also available.

6. TablePress


TablePress is perhaps the easiest way to add a content table to your WordPress site. With over 700,100 downloads to date, it’s also the most popular wordpress chart plugin.

This free plugin adds a new TablePress page to your admin interface, where you can build tables without worrying about formatting – just plug in your values or import from an external file.

When you’re finished with your table, use shortcode to embed it anywhere on your site. No coding is required.

You can also add interactivity elements like sorting, filtering, and row highlighting to your tables, and there’s a library of extensions for capabilities like deep filtering and mobile responsiveness.

Overall, it is a wonderful WordPress plugin if you often publish data but don’t want to break the bank with extra features.

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7. amCharts: Charts and Maps


amCharts: Charts and Maps are some of the most sophisticated chart plugins and data visualization tools available for WordPress. What’s more, it’s a completely free plugin.

Although the plugin is free, it is designed to be used in conjunction with the amCharts software.

This platform also offers a free license, but only if you don’t mind a small amCharts attribution (the icon at the bottom of this chart to the left).

AmCharts may be overkill if all your need is to generate simple, straight-to-the-point charts or diagrams. You’ll realize how powerful amCharts can be once you understand how it works.

You can alter a chart from one type to another at any time, but be mindful that all data in the resources box, HTML box, and Javascript box will revert to the settings you selected for that chart type in the main plugin settings page.

8. UberChart


UberChart, which costs $30, is an advanced chart solution with 240 adjustable chart options and 30 customizable data set features. 

Line charts, area charts, bar charts, horizontal bar charts, pie charts, doughnut charts, radar charts, polar area charts, scatter charts, and bubble charts are among the 10 chart types offered.

Any charts you make can be readily adjusted later with a single click. You can also duplicate charts and use them as a starting point for creating new ones.

Data can be copied and pasted straight into the data area from spreadsheet applications like Excel or imported via a CSV file.

Padding, margins, colors, radius length, and other stylistic settings are all available. In the center of the settings page, you’ll see a preview of your chart.

Many users will go with the default styling, but you can modify everything from tooltips and titles to chart legends if you want to customize your chart designs.

UberChart is one of the greatest chart solutions available today, with hundreds of settings, a wide range of chart formats, and support for many languages and WordPress multisite.

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Reasons to Use Data Visualization

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using data visualization in a WordPress installation.

1) Simple to comprehend

Another important purpose for developing these visual strategies is to make the material easier to comprehend for readers. Text is more difficult to understand than graphs, charts, and art.

2) Convenient Data Interaction

When website specialists visualize data in WordPress, their major goal is to make the facts they’re about to provide as simple as possible for them to understand.

It is still possible to work with historical data and relate it to current data. As a result, professionals can benefit from these strategies as well.

Affiliate Royale | WPForms | Kali Forms | Gravity Forms | Olark | Tidio | Pure Chat | Formilla | LiveChat

3) Eye-catching graphics

The inclusion of art, pictures, graphics, and videos, in addition to tables and other fundamental representations, is more engaging to viewers.

People will be more attracted to WP websites with striking visual representations than those with mere art, according to research.

4) Data that can be customized

Most WordPress sites have a purpose, which could be to promote a specific brand or provide specialized information.  In this scenario, you’ll need unique and specific data to prove your authenticity.  Data visualization makes it simple to change the format of data.


Using a WordPress chart plugin is an excellent method to turn enormous datasets into compelling visuals that your users will like. The easier the data is to understand, the easier it is to express your points.

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