Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins Compared (2021)

Image compression plugins make it simple to optimize photos in WordPress for improved speed and efficiency.

Images provide interactivity and engagement to your website. After all, it breathes life into your material and makes it easier for your visitors to digest the information on your site.

Bulky and unoptimized images, on the other hand, can cause the site to load slowly. If you don’t know how to properly compress your photos, your site will slow down with each passing day!

We compared the top image compression plugins for WordPress in this article.

Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins

1. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

One of the best WordPress image compression plugins is ShortPixel Image Optimizer.

It comes with a slew of complex capabilities, including the ability to select compression formats. As soon as you enable the plugin, it begins compressing photographs and saves your original images in a separate folder.

If you’re using the free plugin, you’ll need to provide your email address to acquire an API key.

To exceed this limit, you must subscribe to one of their paid plans. The basic free account allows you to compress up to 100 pictures every month.

With the click of a button, you can convert PNG to JPEG and vice versa.

It’s also compatible with WooCommerce, NextGEN Gallery, and the WPML translation plugins.

ShortPixel is also incredibly cost-effective. Plans start at $4.99 a month for up to 5,000 images per month and are based on the number of images.

2. Optimole

Then there’s Optimole, which is an all-in-one, fully automatic solution for all of your WordPress image optimization needs.

When it comes to image compression, Optimole gives you the option of using a lossless or lossy algorithm. The plugin, on the other hand, offers powerful capabilities like lazy loading, access to an AWS Cloudfront CDN to quickly serve your photos to a global audience, and much more to meet your image optimization needs.

The most distinctive feature of Optimole is its dynamic image serving.

After you install the plugin, all of your picture URLs will be replaced with cloud-based URLs. When a user visits your website, it will now give the user an optimized image in real-time.

It’s important to note that the compressed image files aren’t saved in your WordPress database; instead, they’re generated and provided in real-time.

On default settings, Optimole accomplished a 48.5 percent image size compression in our test, decreasing image size from 200 KB to 103 KB.

For a Starter pack of Optimole, you will have to spend $22.52 per month.

2. Imagify

In a single click, Imagify will compress photos on your WordPress site. You can set it up so that images are automatically compressed to a certain quality level. It also allows you to reverse the compression or select a different compression level. Imagify also enables you to provide optimized and responsive images across all devices.

Imagify features a really well-designed user interface that is very simple to use. To connect to the Imagify service, you’ll need to generate an API key, just like ShortPixel. Then, that will unlock the full interface. It supports different formats such as JPG, PNG, PDF, etc. It also has bulk optimization options.

The Starter plan is available for free and will allow you to edit about 200 images every month. Get their paid plans, which start at $4.99 per month, if you need more volume.

3. WP Compress

With WP Compress, you can compress your images automatically based on incoming traffic and increase your site’s page load performance. With a fast-loading website, you can greatly increase the user experience and conversion rate of your site. It also uses clever algorithms to reduce file size without compromising quality. WP Compress also ensures that your images are served from the data center that is closest to the user’s location, resulting in better results. Features of these amazing compression plugins are as follow:-

  • Images and scripts on your site are automatically optimized.
  • The user receives photos from a nearby data center.
  • It’s simple to set up.

WPCompress’s membership plan will set you back $9 per month. There is a 7-day free trial available.

4. Compress JPEG & PNG images

This plugin will automatically compress your JPG and PNG images. While uploading, the pictures will be automatically optimized. The images will be optimized automatically while uploading themselves.

Additionally, the plugin assists in the preservation of critical metadata such as copyright information. Even though it does not offer infinite free compression, it does have one of the most generous free plans of any tool on this list.

You can download the plugin for free from the WordPress plugin repository.

5. Kraken

The Image Optimization plugin uses the Image Optimizer’s API to optimize and resize new and existing WordPress image uploads. The plugin can optimize JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs, including animated GIFs, and it supports both lossless and intelligent lossy optimization. The option to save all EXIF data and the bulk optimization capability is also supported.

Apart from helping you to optimize animated GIFs, Kraken is one of the few WordPress plugins that can be used locally.

The plugin’s free version allows you to optimize image files up to 32 megabytes in size and up to 100 megabytes of images. Premium plans start at $5/month and have a 500MB image resizing limit.

6. Image Optimizer by WebDorado

WebDorado’s Image Optimizer is a WP Image Optimizer plugin that comes in both free and paid versions. Fortunately, the free plan includes all of the necessary capabilities except PDF compression, extreme compression, and scheduling optimization, which are reserved for premium plans. There is also a monthly limit on the number of images you can optimize. The monthly cap on the free plan is 1000 images each month.

When it comes to features and functionality, it provides a plethora of alternatives. The plugin has it all, from bulk optimization to a detailed optimization report. You don’t have to worry about anything because the plugin can perform all of the optimizations automatically when you upload an image.

When it comes to picture formats, this WordPress image compression plugin can help you compress JPEG, PNG, and GIF images. You will also have the ability to optimize PDF files if you purchase the premium versions, as previously mentioned.

In Conclusion

We gathered all of the information from and the official website, as well as testing all of the plugins on our site to verify their functionality and outcomes. If you utilize the above, especially the premium ones, we are confident that your WordPress website will have the fastest page loading time and optimized images.

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