10 Best WordPress Testimonial Plugins (2022)

The term ‘social proof’ was introduced by Robert Cialdini through his book Influence in 1984 – wherein he mentioned that individual preferences are influenced by the activities of others. Right up till today, it’s a psychological phenomenon that still holds in the marketing arena.

One of the most widely recognized methods of exhibiting social verification is by indicating how others feel about an item or service using testimonials. Regardless of your understanding, few individuals look at testimonials consistently before making a purchase. It’s difficult to get away from, as it is used in various advertisements on TV, products, and newspapers.

The idea of displaying testimonials on WordPress websites is simple as you’ll simply need to take your pick from a list of incredible testimonial plugins with specific features.

When you integrate a testimonial plugin on your WordPress website, you can easily add value to your offering while converting visitors into prospective customers.

The best of them are listed below for consideration:



The JetPack plugin is known for its security and special features. This power-packed plugin offers a customized content type module that is used for creating fresh customized post types like portfolios and testimonials.

Upon activation of the testimonials from the JetPack writing page, the plugin gets automatically added to the admin menu of your WordPress. Whenever you are creating a new testimonial,  you can express the name of the individual, enter their statement in the primary box, and allocate an image.

You could able to embed the testimonials into pages and posts by utilizing the testimonials shortcode. If you want to display the testimonials on sidebars, a shortcode widget also can be used. Being a simple solution, JetPack testimonials can be a good choice.

Easy Testimonials


This testimonial has all-round solutions offering five Gutenberg blocks, showing the testimonials in an independent form, random form, grid form, slideshows, or in a list.

The testimonial offers easy customization for each part through which you can determine the thumbnail size, excerpt length, whether the date is shown, caching of testimonials, and how the ratings are being displayed.

To help them to stand out amongst the other search engines, all testimonials follow Schema.org guidelines. The standard version has five testimonial styles whereas upgrading to a Pro version leads you to access hundreds of testimonials.

Strong Testimonials


This is a high-quality plugin that offers you to display the testimonials in a separate form, slideshow, and lists for the users to submit. Through the dedicated views section, the display options are being controlled.

These are further sorted into actions, styling, queries, and fields. Once you have saved the settings, a shortcode is provided. Customization features are used to change the testimonials for the fulfillment of your matched criteria.

Strong Testimonial is an outstanding solution whose high points are customized fields added with multiple styling options that make it stand out from its competitors.

Testimonials Widgets


As the name suggests, Testimonials Widgets offer you display the widgets by using testimonials. The widgets present in the testimonials lets you display the testimonial categories, tag cloud, archives, and the one to rotate the testimonials with the use of the slider.

The primary settings area in the plugin consists of thousands of settings, many of which can be disabled or enabled through a checkbox.

With unique shortcodes for displaying testimonials in a slider, testimonial tag clouds, current testimonials, or for showing the archives of testimonials.

Testimonial Slider


This is a premium solution that supports Gutenberg editor and EU’s GDPR compliance. The testimonial is available in six gorgeous templates in the form of sliders, carousels, lists, cards, and a grid.

Upon selection of a template, you can add fresh testimonials and can drag and drop in the position of your choice. You can modify the layout styling, letting you add your customized CSS.

Not only the Testimonial slider allows displaying the author of the testimonial, displaying links to social medial profiles and uploading the logo of the company is also available.

Super Testimonials

A convenient WordPress plugin consisting of four testimonial design templates. Ratings, company information, and images are added for each testimonial.

The plugin has fewer options, however, testimonials can be assigned to categories, there is a shortcode for showing the testimonials in widgets, attributes to assist you to assign themes, and type items to display the testimonials from the selected group.

Testimonial Rotator


Testimonial Rotator is a WordPress slider assisted testimonial plugin which is comfortable to use. It can be used to exhibit testimonials in professional slides, design several effects, with a variety of thumbnail sizes available at your disposal.

Moreover, you can also specify the speeds at which slides are moving, pinpointing exactly what is being displayed in your template, and segregating the testimonials that have been designated for the slide.

AP Custom Testimonial


It’s a fascinating plugin offering five layouts, a versatile shortcode generator, and various helpful plan settings. The pro version of the plugin is handy for including more content, however, it has not been refreshed for several years.



This plugin is another better choice for consideration. Once a testimonial is included, you can utilize the included shortcode generator to style the yield, and characterizing the amount of testimonial is being shown.

In the free form, you can show tributes in slides. Notwithstanding, if you move up to Testimonial Pro, which is accessible from $39, you can open an extra five format types, including framework and workmanship. Redesigning additionally lets you appoint online media profiles to tributes, includes ten subjects opening several customization alternatives.



This might come as a surprise for many WP website owners but the incredible features of this powerful contact form plugin allows it to be used to create and display testimonials as well.

By including the Post Submissions addon, it’s easier to create a form that can be submitted in the form of a testimonial. You can even include other features such as rating scale.

Once the user submits the testimonial, it can be viewed from the dashboard area and website owners can decide whether they want to publish the testimonial or not.

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