How to Increase WordPress Plugin Downloads & Increase Sales in 2022

WordPress plugins offer quick solutions to problems users frequently encounter. Thus, if you’ve managed to develop one then you deserve a pat on the back.

However, if you want the WordPress community and website owners to appreciate your efforts and draw sales then you’ve to succeed in your marketing efforts as well.

Increasing WordPress Plugin download and sales takes a lot of investment in the form of time, effort, and money.

Even after developing an incredible plugin, if you fail to reach your target users then all your hard work will go in vain.

Marketing achieves your goal of reaching out to your target market and compelling them to download your plugin.

We understand the importance of marketing, so we’ve compiled this ultimate WordPress plugin marketing guide for developers. Dig deeper and unearth the real secrets to increasing download and sales of WP plugins:

Develop Marketable Plugins

Before developing a plugin, you need to answer a few pertinent questions:

  • Is the plugin designed to solve a particular problem?
  • Are there too many people encountering the same problem?
  • Are there similar plugins available in the market?

It’s important to ask these questions as they’re extremely important in the context of plugin marketing. Thus, the beginning point of your plugin marketing should the plugin itself, which must be exceptional.

It’s known to all that good products don’t take much time to market; however, if you’ve developed something unique or groundbreaking then it might be challenging to marketing such a plugin.

A good starting point is to identify the USPs of your plugin so that you’re able to convey the most exciting things about the plugin to potential customers.

If you fail to think of a great USP then it’s important to return to your development panel and add some features that would come across as really cool.

Best Plugins:

ThemeForest | TeslaThemes | TemplateMonster | StudioPress | Restored 316 | PremiumCoding | Udemy

However, here’re a few things that you can do to increase WordPress Plugin download and increase sales in 2020:

Website with Detailed Product Information

Marketing of a WordPress plugin must start with a website with detailed product information so if you don’t yet have one, go get it designed ASAP…

The product page will contain all the information about your plugin so that visitors or potential customers get to learn everything about your plugin.

Companies selling multiple plugins often have a dedicated product details page along with details about money-back guarantee, documentation, support, etc.

The following information must be showcased on the product page of your website:

  • Product Description
  • Screenshots
  • Support options
  • Plugin documentation
  • Short Video
  • Demo
  • FAQ

Popular Articles:

List your plugin on

Hundreds of WP plugins are launched every day and WordPress offers a uniform marketing channel to facilitate sales of plugins. is a free plugin repository where developers can get their plugins listed.

The most popular pricing model for WP plugins is the Freemium model where the developers offer both a free as well as premium (paid) version.

Now, when there’s the free option of trying a particular plugins, users will be more interested to have a look at a plugin and they’re more likely to purchase the premium version when satisfied with the results.

Customers often search for new plugins on and they even compare options or learn about developers.

Since many beginners use the website as a starting point, so listing your plugins helps to market it to potential customers.

Content Marketing to increase WordPress Plugin Download

When it comes to spreading some good word about your WordPress plugin, content marketing can come in handy. It’s not only affordable but immensely effective when performed in the right manner.

Content marketing is another useful way to help sell plugins. This involves using various types of content to market plugins. It’s affordable and incredibly effective when done right.

Best Articles:

Blog Posts

Well, a good blog post goes a long way in establishing the credibility of the plugins as well as the developers.

Blog posts are often written to inform readers about the issues that are addressed by the plugin.

You can choose to create content or blog posts on plugin lists, case studies, and even illustrating the features.

Case studies

If you’re looking to provide in-depth details about your plugin then you can write case studies to inform your customers as to how the plugin proved effective in addressing a particular problem.

You can post the case studies in PDF format on your blog as they’re usually longer pieces and often downloaded and read by developers and advanced users.

You can use real-life success stories realized by customers who used your WP plugin and turn them into case studies to showcase while highlighting how the plugin worked in real-life situations.

Video demos

You can even create some engaging videos to highlight or demonstrate specific features of your plugin.

You can choose to make the video available on popular video sharing channels like YouTube and Vimeo so that your potential customers can easily learn about the basic features of the plugin.

Potential customers get to see your plugin in action and the video demo works as an effective tool for marketing.

Direct exposure through the use of a video-sharing platform helps you reach your target customers with very little effort.

Must Read Articles:

Social Media

Almost everything is now on social media so it’s always a great idea to start promoting your WordPress plugin on social media platforms.

From Facebook to Twitter and from LinkedIn to Instagram, promote your products wherever you can.

All the incredible content you create on your blog or elsewhere can be easily promoted on social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

You need to optimize your website and blog post so that they appear on search engine result pages. For this, you can either hire an SEO professional or learn and implement simple strategies.

Keyword is of great importance so choose them after carefully studying the exact search terms being used by potential customers.

SEO is an elaborate process that takes at least a couple of months to produce results, so it’s better to use that as a long-term marketing tool.

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