Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce

Are you the owner of a WooCommerce store who needs more detailed information about the location of your customers?

If yes, how about letting them pinpoint their exact location on Google Maps along with a wide range of other stunning features?

With the Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce (LPAC), you as the store owner can bring more flexibility to your WooCommerce store by giving customers the option to indicate where they would like their consignment to be delivered exactly.

It’s just the perfect plugin for stores that have employed delivery personnel for product shipping to customers within a certain geographical area.

With the Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce, store owners can acquire location details of their customers that are far more precise.

The need for contacting the customers through other means is eliminated.

This plugin helps save a lot of time since it gives customers the option to show their exact location on Google Maps during checkout on WooCommerce.


How Does the Feature Work?

This plugin for WooCommerce is installable on the WordPress CMS. It shows a Google Map on the checkout page where customers can show their shipping address in the form of an exact location on the map when they checkout.

The process of Geocoding converts the address into geographic coordinates in the form of exact latitudes and longitudes which can be used for placing markers on the map. Again, the transformation of the location or marker on the map into an address that can be read by a human is called reverse geocoding.

How Does the Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce help?

As a checkout plugin for picking customer locations on WooCommerce, it’s a handy feature for any website offering deliveries or pick-ups for customers.

Online restaurants are fine examples of a delivery website while a private taxi website is an example of a pick-up website. The plugin simply adds a Google Map on the checkout page of WooCommerce that customers use to pinpoint their exact location for smoother deliveries or pick-ups.

Again, the plugin can be so set up that it gives customers the option to make any corrections on the checkout page after it is enabled to detect the customer’s exact location.

Why should you install a WooCommerce Checkout Location plugin at all?

Quite often, customers are found to struggle to describe the exact location to a delivery guy.

He reaches pretty close to your location and you share the landmark details with him, yet he fails to locate you. That’s so very frustrating, isn’t it? When the delivery guy does manage to find you, you are pretty stressed.

The location picker WordPress plugin helps eliminate this nuisance that’s a part of product deliveries. As soon as a customer fills in his address on the checkout page, the plugin adjusts the map automatically that appears adjacent to the address thus entered.

With the plugin, the customers can pinpoint their exact location with the address being converted into the exact latitude and longitude that’s marked on the map in the backend.

This way, it’s far easier for the delivery guy and the customer to locate each other. It helps improve the customer experience greatly.

You have more satisfied customers who recommend your business readily. With more satisfied customers, there are more leads and hence, more revenue.

WooCommerce Checkout Location plugin offers Easy Customization

With this plugin, users have complete control over its various features. They can be customized easily and the unnecessary ones can be removed.

It’s also possible to hide various elements of the map like street view, zoom in and zoom out, auto fetch location, latitude, longitude, etc. The map’s default version itself that’s included in the plugin comes with all the features already embedded into it.

A map often has customers confused and at their wits end. That’s why the plugin has been made very flexible. There’s the hide option for the many labels and the map as well while the map’s view and its styles can all be changed through CSS.

The pro version of the WooCommerce Checkout Location plugin offers some unique features. Here they are-

The Saved Address Feature

With the plugin, customers can get their addresses from the map while the shipping fields are auto-filled. Multiple delivery addresses for a single user can also be saved by this plugin thanks to its saved address feature in the pro version. Since the plugin comes with built-in support that automatically fills in the fields on the checkout page with information gathered from the Google Map, users are saved the trouble of typing while sharing their address details.

The Cost by Region Feature

Store owners can draw custom shipping regions using the drawing feature for WooCommerce, a part of LPAC’s premium shipping zones.

The shipping regions thus drawn can be marked by a name, price, and background color. Customers can see the cost of shipping to various regions that are clearly marked out on the Google Map on the checkout page.

If a customer’s location is within a certain shipping region, the cost of shipping to that region is automatically set as the shipping fee for that customer.

There’s no limit to the shipping regions that can be drawn on the map. The cost of shipping will be set automatically depending on which region the customer falls in.

The Cost by Distance Feature

Using the Shipping Rate by Distance feature, a business owner can easily charge customers the shipping charges depending on the distance between his location and that of the customer.

The distances can be calculated in both kilometers and miles. An unlimited number of conditions can be created with different rates for different ranges. No custom coding is necessary and the plugin works entirely on options you enter.


The Location Picker at Checkout for WooCommerce is a great tool for making the shipping of products to customers a hassle-free process.

It helps customers pinpoint their location on the Google Map given on the checkout page which is presented in the form of the exact latitude and longitude using geocoding.

The cost of shipping can be gauged by both distance and region and multiple addresses can be saved. It greatly enhances the customer experience.

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