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Advanced Ads has been in the industry for more than ten years as a full-service marketing and advertising agency. They provide businesses with the necessary tools and advertising exposure, which helps sell products and services in the market. Businesses with Advanced Ads accounts spread across many industries, including electronic appliances, health care, food products, non-profit organizations, cosmetics, and more.

Advanced Ads Packages and Prices

  • Advanced Ads Free: You’ll love the basic package, considering the many features it offers. However, you’ll still want more as you can make more by buying the premium packages.
  • Advanced Ads Pro (€49): You’ll be thrilled with this as it unlocks quite a few features more.
  • Advanced Ads All Access (€89): With this package, you can do all that Advanced Ads offers. It unlocks all the features and all the add-ons.
  • Advanced Ads All Access Long Term (€199): Offers all the features as the above package with customer support of 4 years instead of just 1 year.


A WordPress plugin, Advanced Ads makes it easy for you to manage multiple Ad networks as well as AdSense. A lightweight plugin with multiple features, some of its features make Advanced Ads truly unique. Advanced Ad’s features can be used as soon as it’s installed, and it offers a whole new level in creating ads with its unique feature, AD Wizard. Even the free version of Advanced Ads is loaded with features that make the tool perfect for beginners.


Let’s get deeper into studying what Advanced Ads is all about by looking into its features in detail. These same features make Advanced Ads stand out in the crowd.


Geo-targeting is of immense help when you have a multilingual audience. You can show different ads in different languages to people depending on their geographical location. It helps in advertising that is more effective by bonding with your audience in a comfortable language. Such geo-targeting is sure to multiply your business.

Taxonomy Triggered Ad Visibility:

This feature allows you to show only selective affiliate banners to people based on their specific interests. Advanced Ads makes this only a single click process helping you create ad campaigns targeting an audience base with what it’s interested in. You can strike a chord immediately, helping raise your chances of conversion.

Manage Unlimited Ads: Advanced Ads puts no restrictions on how many ads you can show on your website. There are no limits in the free version, and of course, none in the pro version either. Therefore, Advanced Ads not only helps you earn more, but it also helps you save as well! This can help you save as much as $100 every month.

Sell Ads from your Site Directly: It’s like putting your advertisement income on autopilot! It’s hard to believe, but with Advanced Ads, you get an automated ad slot booking workflow. This allows advertisers to buy ad slots directly from your website when they are available. Very convenient, isn’t it?

Device-Based Display Size: It’s only stating the obvious that browsers on the net aren’t using only PCs. They access the net from smartphones and various other devices as well. It’s something you have no control over. To ensure that your ads are displayed properly on all devices, you’ll have to show them in different sizes for different devices. Advanced Ads does just that, making your ads suitable for all devices.

Display ads on AMP Page As Well: You’ll definitely choose Advanced Ads if you’re using AMP for the WP plugin. With Advanced Ads, you can add multiple ads on many locations on your AMP supporting web pages, ensuring no AMP page views are wasted.

Ad Formats and Slot Types

Ad slots of six different types are available-

There’s a dedicated type for Adsense users as well as:

  • Ad group
  • Rich content
  • Dummy ad
  • Image ad
  • Simple plain text and code ads

For displaying high-quality ads, you can use any of them, which is decided by various parameters. These include visitors’ conditions working on factors like geo-location.

Besides, if you face difficulties preparing your first ad, click on the AD Wizard button just beside the new ad button. Clicking on the button takes you through an automated process covering various sections of creating an ad very smoothly. There are various groups of ad categories. Grouping ads help in autorotations. It’ll help you know which ads in which formats work the best for you and help you increase your revenues and improve user experience.

Effective Add-Ons

Advanced Ads comes with some very effective add-ons. They are-

  • Responsive ads
  • Tracking add-on
  • Sticky ads
  • Geo-targeting
  • Popup and layer ad placement
  • Pro add-on
  • Selling ads add-on
  • Slider

For those seeking special ad placements and scaled data, these add-ons can prove very effective.

A tracking add-on would be beneficial, for example, to those keen to check impressions and clicks made by the visitors. It helps in keeping records and maximizing earning potentials.

9Expert Score
Advanced Ads Overall: Advanced Ads overall is a good plugin for all, be they beginners or seasoned users. With such powerful add-ons and valuable features, Advanced Ads takes ad management to a new level altogether. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, here's an ad plugin you really should try out as it offers every possibility to raise your advertising revenues.
  • Multiple ad placement options: you can place ads anywhere on your site with the Advanced Ads pro version
  • Track ad impressions and clicks: this helps you know how well your ads are performing and prepare necessary reports
  • Lazy Loading: Lazy loading ads makes sure that your site suffers no loss of speed, a significant ranking factor
  • Feature-rich free version: The free version is very rich in features, more than what you need for essential banner advertising
  • Support isn't good enough: Advanced Ad doesn't support live chat
  • No free trial pro version: You'll have to buy Advanced Ads Pro; you can't just try it


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