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Founded in 2020 by Jasmin Wang and Anna Wang, Copysmith is a SaaS content creation platform, which simplifies the copywriting process for a wide range of web assets. Machine learning technology is used to comprehend human text, which is used by the AI tool to create amazing ad copies, sleek landing pages, and even check for plagiarism. Thus, content ideation and creation become super-convenient for clients. Jasmin Wang, Co-Founder of Copysmith has extensive experience in NLP research and development. She worked with companies such as Lyft, Square, Mila, Microsoft research, and Open AI. Copysmith, based in Alberta, Canada, offers its services to customers across the globe.

Price of Copysmith Copywriter:

Starter- $192/year, $19/month
  • Credits - 50 / month
  • Plagiarism Checks - 20 / month
Professional - $600/year, $59/month
  • Credits - unlimited
  • Plagiarism Checks - 100 / month
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Overall:Copysmith uses Open AI’s GPT-3 language model. As such, the content it creates is continuously adapting to your input, which is only going to get better and better. It makes Copysmith the ideal tool for creating plagiarism-free quality content. Twenty six templates help you create suitable content for various platforms and purposes. Easy editing of your content input helps create high quality content through many improvements. The tool eliminates the need to employ writers helping you cut your costs greatly.
  • Creates content rich in quality
  • User-friendly interface
  • Back up provided for all the content you create
  • Lets you create optimized content for smooth SEO, PPC, and CRO making it a multifaceted tool
  • Constant updates are being made to the tool
  • The pricing structure is accommodating and the prices are reasonable
  • You save hours that would have gone into the ideation and writing the content
  • Costs are reduced as you won’t need to engage writers anymore
  • With AI, the tool knows what style of phrasing and tone you want to maintain
  • The customer support is good and responsive
  • The content can be quickly exported to devices
  • The templates are still being developed as Copysmith is a new company
  • There’s no rollover of your credit to the next month if you don’t finish it
  • You’ll need to add 5-10 credits for some types of content
  • There’s a cap on the number of blog posts you can create
  • The generated copies require some tweaking at times
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Founded in 2009, by David Henzel, Christopher Ueland, StackPath (earlier MaxCDN) is a content delivery network service based out of Los Angeles, California, USA. StackPath offers a static file-serving CDN dedicated to improving website speeds. The team is dedicated to creating an unparallel CDN experience possible through instant and frictionless interactions, which can occur at any point in time and on any device.
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Products: StackPath Content Delivery Network. Overall: Despite high level of competition between CDN services, StackPath emerges as one of the most promising one when it comes to performance and speed. The company keeps optimizing its services to cater to unique needs of individual, small, and large businesses. It offers a big advantage to its customers in the form of its huge number of datacenters which has a critical role in the delivery of impeccable CDN services.
  • Easy setup
  • Free 1 month trial
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Responsive tech support
  • Average speeds
  • Very Few locations in countries other Europe and US
  • Basic plan doesn’t include EdgeRules
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Long Tail Pro was developed by Spencer Haws from in 2011. He is an internet marketing expert with over 10 years experience and has developed hundreds of long tail websites. Long Tail Pro is an extremely popular keyword research software using which users can generate several unique long tail keywords quickly.
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Products: Long Tail Pro Software. Overall: Long Tail Pro is the perfect software for internet marketers looking to play the keyword game with a greater intensity. The importance of long tail keywords is known to everyone in the internet marketing space and if you wish to edge past your competitors then this software can prove to be a game changer.
  • Bulk keyword suggestions
  • Excellent keyword competitiveness
  • Competitor analysis is a big advantage
  • Rank tracker provides accurate results
  • Low limit on manual keywords
  • Seed keyword is low
  • The URLs and text during competitor analysis can be better
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