Best Quiz Plugins for WordPress 2022

Are you looking for better WordPress quiz plugins? Quizzes are used by many prominent websites, such as BuzzFeed, to generate viral content and improve user interaction. We’ve hand-picked the best quiz plugins for WordPress in this article to help you engage your users and maximize the amount of time they spend on your blog.

Best Quiz Plugins


WordPress LMS plugin

LearnDash is the most common WordPress LMS plugin. It includes a powerful Quiz function that lets you create any sort of quiz you like. Single choice, multiple choices, free text, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank, and survey are among the question types available.

Timed quizzes, randomized questions, a question bank, multi-page quizzes, limit attempts, and more are among the other features. Post quiz options include redirects, messages, quiz result displays in multiple styles, leaderboard, certificates, and levels.

LearnDash is the most flexible WordPress quiz plugin for all forms of quizzes, whether you’re selling online courses or building viral content. But that’s not all.

here is the complete list of what this addon offers:

  • Multiple types of quizzes
  • Timer and question randomizer
  • Multi-page feature for longer quizzes
  • Attempt limitation according to your settings
  • Ranking board to promote competition.
  • Images, Video, And Audio In Quiz
  • Limit The Number Of Attempts
  • Flexible Question Display

Pricing:- The price of LearnDash is a significant disadvantage, as it requires the whole LMS package. The most basic edition costs 159 USD.

2.WP Quiz

WordPress quiz plugin

WP Quiz is a WordPress quiz plugin that is both flexible and straightforward to use. There are three types of quizzes included: trivia, personality, and flip cards. You can have photos in your questions and answers, allow users to restart the quiz, show the results at the end, etc.

It’s simple to use, efficient, and the best part is that you get all of these features for free. If you need more advanced features, MyThemeShop also offers a premium edition. Get your visitors to stay online longer and increase your traffic with the least amount of time and effort!

You can build quizzes in several formats, all of which are very simple to set up. You can customize the photos, as well as the positions and number of quizzes you want to view on your web.


  • Personality quizzes, swiper quizzes, Facebook quizzes, flip quizzes, list quizzes. More intriguingly, the trivia quiz-style will inevitably become a favorite of your customers because of its difficulty level.
  • WP Quiz gives you access to some fascinating statistics. You can use Google Analytics to learn more about your quizzes and players, which will help you enhance the content on your blog.
  • SEO Friendly as well as fully responsive.
  • You can use this for unlimited sites for absolutely free.

Pricing:- A free version with limited features is free, as well as a pro version that starts at 57 USD (one-time payment) for one site.

3.Quiz And Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master

Quiz and Survey Master is a versatile quiz and survey plugin for WordPress. This powerful two-in-one plugin has a rough exterior, but it makes up for it with excellent features and comprehensive documentation.

The list of the best quiz plugins for WordPress, Quiz, and Survey Master deserves a special mention. This tool has been around for a long time, with over 30,000 active installs and a WordPress score of 4.8 out of 5.


  1. Multiple-choice, true-false, open-text, checkboxes, fill-in-the-blank, and other quiz forms are available.
  2. Users can share their quiz results on social media, and you can start building your mailing list by sending users their results via email.
  3. Enable comment boxes for each question
  4. Enable hints for questions


There is a free edition of Quiz and Survey Master and a premium version that costs 99 USD per year. It does, however, have an intriguing twist. You can buy separate addons that you can use in either the free or paid versions for ten dollars.

4.Quiz Cat

Quiz Cat

Another excellent WordPress quiz plugin is Quiz Cat. It makes it easy to build quizzes, increase interaction, and increase traffic and subscribers. Quiz Cat is a free WordPress quiz plugin with a simple interface and many features for making viral quizzes for your website. You may include images in each question and answer. For your quiz, you can also build a start and finish screen. You can make as many quizzes as you like with this app, and each one can have as many questions as you like.

The most appealing aspect of it all, though, is that it shuffles all of your quiz answers, making it less repetitive for your viewers. Quiz Cat is a must-have for those of you who want to add quizzes to your website. It’s one of the most accessible plugins to use.


  • Easy Quiz Builder
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Unlimited Number Of Quizzes
  • You can shuffle answers or insert messages.
  • Shortcode support to paste the quiz anywhere

Pricing:- This tool comes in two versions: a free version with limited features and a premium version with additional features that starts at USD 29.

5.HD Quiz

HD Quiz

HD Quiz is yet another fantastic free WordPress quiz plugin. It has a responsive interface and allows you to make as many quizzes as you want with as many questions as you wish. You can also use GIF photos to make your questions and answers more engaging and enjoyable. Like the other quiz plugins on this list, Quiz Cat helps you randomize the answers to your quiz questions.


  • Easy Quiz Builder
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Unlimited Number Of Quizzes
  • You can make it even more entertaining by including photographs and gifs in both the answers and the questions.
  • Fully responsive on all screens.

Pricing:- HD Quiz is one of the best WordPress quiz plugins, and the best part is that it’s free.


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