6 Best WordPress 301 Redirect Plugins of 2022

301 is the HTTP standard status code of a redirected page. Well, if all those technical terms confuse you, then here’s a simple definition of 301 redirects: This is the standard code which informs the browser that a particular page has been moved to a new location i.e., it has been allotted a new URL, and the owner doesn’t intend to move that back.

Now, the browser will redirect all visitors to the old page to the new location. For instance, if you created a page under “blog.yourdomain.com” but moved it to “yourdomain.com/blog,” a 301 redirect will then start redirecting all visitors to the new location i.e., “yourdomain.com/blog.”

Traditionally, if you were to implement a 301 redirect, you would have had to make changes to your server’s .htaccess file. However, WordPress saves you from all the hassles as there’re several plugins that help you create 301 redirects with just a few clicks. You will need to install a 301 redirect plugin and then provide all the details for the pages you want to move to new locations. Your job is accomplished!

How Redirecting is done from the WordPress Site to another URL?

Despite having an automatic feature to redirect while transferring a page URL or post, you may be required to change the destination URL manually. The most critical 301 redirects are done when you wish to alter the domain name of your website.

In case your website has hundreds of pages, then manually setting the 301 redirects is nothing short of a nightmare! To overcome this challenge, you need to install a WordPress redirection plugin, which quickly and conveniently achieves multiple redirections.

Here’s the list of the top WordPress 301 Redirect Plugins of 2022

Best WordPress 301 Redirect Plugins of 2020



This 301 redirect plugin claims to be a fundamental redirection manager with an advanced and complete set of features. The intuitive features of this plugin lets you redirect hyperlinks in a quick time with few simple clicks. The plugin was built and customized with one particular aspect in mind – redirection at an incredible pace.

You also have the choice to pick out from the available five unique sorts of redirection–301 permanent moves, 302 provisional moves, 307 short term redirection, 401 deleted content material, and 451 content material unavailable for legitimate reasons.

These solutions are provided neatly beneath the Rank Math tab. It has dozens of features; however, its only job is to make the redirection process easy and comfortable for you. The plugin’s Exact Math attributes provide you the option of old redirection URLs to the new and preferred ones. The partial equivalent feature enables you to replace old URLs with new ones.

Easy Redirect Manager


If you desire to redirect the entire website or a few pages or posts of your WordPress site, then you won’t find a superior and more convenient way than 301 Redirects. For redesigning your website, you may wish to disguise the method in progress, or you have the material that is turning into too obsolete for the users. Irrespective of which plugin you are using,

There is no finer way to set the redirection than through this dependable plugin. Every redirect plugin built by you will be enlisted for you. For future use, you can also export this list, or if the CSV already exists with you, you might use the benefits of the importing feature. This easy and straightforward understanding of 301 redirects is free while being typically maintained, with recent features, such as 404 error logs, which are presently under development.



Redirection is one of the exceptional and most comprehensive WordPress 301 redirect plugins. This single plugin can fix nearly every 301 redirect problems of your website. Therefore, it’s quite popular compared to the other plugins. A visit to the WordPress plugin directory will give you an idea about the popularity of this plugin. It has over 1 million installations!

Why is this 301 redirect plugin so popular? It’s because this plugin delivers stunning performance and is compatible with several other popular WP plugins. This plugin is capable of tracking 404 errors, which is crucial to the website’s overall health. Indeed, 404 error is no longer an issue for small websites; however, as traffic to your website grows, tracking these 404 errors can be extremely challenging. These useless hyperlinks will affect your site; however, your site remains healthy smartly tracking and redirecting these errors to a live page. You can achieve quick and convenient redirects by using this handy plugin.

Simple 301 Redirects


“Simple 301 Redirects” is an advanced plugin that offers comprehensive redirection. The development team is continuously working on the further development of this product. Therefore, you do not have to worry about compatibility issues or fixing bugs. If you are attempting to use a convenient 301 redirect plugin for your website, this might be perfect for you.

Apart from being free, redirecting 301 errors can be resolved entirely through few clicks. Many of us run a blog on more than a few third-party controlled blog systems, such as Blogger. After a few days, you will be an expert and can migrate to another weblog for the self-hosted platform.

Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect


Amongst the many redirect plugins for WordPress available, Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirects are relatively remarkable. This plugin was created for the multi-authored WordPress website. If any user posts a duplicate piece of content material in your blog, you can screen and omit that content from your site.

Redirect List

This lightweight and clean WP 301 redirect plugin are the most uncomplicated one. You can use this plugin to work for you to GET URLs. The plugin primarily works by matching the URLs with multiple parameters and checks whether they have any value. Apart from 301 redirects, this plugin can also implement 307 and 302 HTTP redirects. Redirect List is a Free plugin in every sense because it doesn’t contain any tracking codes or hidden Ad links.


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