Best WordPress YouTube Plugins of 2022

Are you trying to find the top WordPress YouTube plugins to embed feeds, galleries, or videos on your website?

While WordPress makes it simple to include individual videos in your content, more complicated embeds like video galleries, feeds, lightbox popups, etc. are not supported natively by the platform.

You can correct all of these issues and produce more intricate embed kinds with YouTube plugins.

We’ll outline the top WordPress YouTube plugins in this article so you can have more control over uploading YouTube content and enhance the functionality of your videos.

Why YouTube?

YouTube has become a fundamental component of the internet. You might find it hard to believe, but YouTube controls an astounding 73.24% of the market for video content in the US.

This is largely because the site is easy to use and caters to content makers. Kids have been able to build sizable channels, so when we claim it’s so simple a kid could do it, we are not making it up.

While you can easily copy and paste a URL to embed a YouTube video in a WordPress post or page, you’ll need a plugin to build galleries, integrate your YouTube page, or show a list of films from outside creators in your sidebar.

The top plugins will optimize the load time of your YouTube videos so that your site’s speed and SEO are unaffected. They will also make it simple to display YouTube videos on your WordPress site in these ways.

So that you may add a video to your website on any budget, let’s have a look at our top recommendations, which include both free and paid options.

1. Smash Balloon YouTube Feed Plugin


With the help of the WordPress social media feed plugin Smash Balloon YouTube Feed, you can quickly and effortlessly incorporate YouTube videos, playlists, and galleries into your website.

On your website, you can show videos from your channel or simultaneously fetch videos from several channels. Additionally, you can choose the videos for your own personalized YouTube video galleries.

Additionally, it offers ready-made layouts so you can arrange the films however you choose. For instance, you may pick from the four appealing options of grid, gallery, list, or carousel.

Smash Balloon or Embed Plus Plugin For YouTube will not impair the functionality of your website. Only when visitors engage with your feed will the YouTube video player load. This will speed up the loading of your website and improve its standing in search results.

If you want to show your Instagram postings on your website, this plugin also offers sibling products called Instagram Feed and Twitter Feed.

You can use it for free but you have to pay for its pro version which offers great functionality.

2. Video Gallery Plugin

Video Gallery

One of the greatest WordPress video gallery plugins, the Video Gallery plugin allows you to freely integrate YouTube videos and playlists on your website. This plugin is fantastic since it allows you to build as many YouTube video galleries as you’d like.

Additionally, there is a description section that links users to the plugin’s videos that they need to view. The responsive design of this plugin makes it simple for your visitors to find the videos they want.

Video Gallery provides a variety of layout possibilities in addition to thumbnail galleries, parallax galleries, grid galleries, etc.

Additionally, the plugin supports MP4 and Wistia videos, guaranteeing that your gallery is functional and user-friendly. Instead of using the conventional 16:9 ratio, you might use a 4:3 thumbnail; just be careful not to exceed the ratio.

You can display YouTube videos on your website by using this plugin to upload them there. By employing this, you can use less disc space on your WordPress hosting while still having your films become viral on YouTube.

The good news is that you’re free to utilize this plugin’s free version as long as the gallery’s appearance meets your standards. You can only change the gallery’s color, font, icons, etc., with the premium edition.

There are Lite and Pro versions of this plugin. The Lite version costs nothing, whereas the Pro version costs $15/6M.

3. Embed Plus Plugin for YouTube Plugin

Embed Plus Plugin for YouTube Plugin

Everything a YouTube embedding plugin may need is offered by the Embed Plus plugin. It enables live streaming, playback parameter setting, and grid-style thumbnail display for videos.

Creating a flexible gallery based on any YouTube channel or playlist that you like is one of the many choices that are available within your dashboard.

WordPress has an “Insert” button that is present in both the text and visual editors. You can incorporate video galleries into your posts and pages. The use of shortcodes can also be an option. The plugin is available for download in both free and premium versions.

WordPress caching, a feature of the premium version, speeds up how quickly your website loads. Downloading the free version can result in slow loading times if you choose to test the plugin’s functionalities.

Not to mention, you might be able to delay JavaScript execution so that scripts run after the pages have loaded. The pages will load more rapidly as a result, improving the user experience.

The plugin comes in a Free version and a version that costs money.

4. WP YouTube Lyte Plugin

WP YouTube Lyte Plugin

WP YouTube Lyte will make YouTube videos load more slowly (also known as Lazy Load), enhancing the functionality of the website. The term “lazy loading” describes the process of loading a movie gradually up until the user views it.

This plugin, like Smash Balloon, supports a wide range of languages and has also undergone comprehensive testing to assure the greatest compatibility across a wide range of browsers. Videos will automatically resize to fit the display size of your device. With this plugin, there are additional choices to change the player’s appearance and actions. HD can be mandated, for instance, and thumbnails can be cached.

The disadvantage of this plugin is that to use all of its features, you must supply a YouTube API key. Without it, the plugin won’t give your uploaded movies thumbnails, titles, and descriptions.

5. Envira Gallery Plugin

Envira Gallery Plugin

A YouTube video gallery may be added straight to your website using Envira Gallery, which is frequently regarded as the best WordPress photo gallery plugin. It’s simple to incorporate eye-catching images into your vlog using this premium WordPress gallery plugin.

By dragging and dropping images and videos onto the widget, the plugin enables you to create and personalize the galleries of your choice. The widget can also be put on your website’s sidebar, footer, or any other widget-ready area.

Envira Gallery will automatically gather the thumbnail pictures after receiving the video’s URL. To further personalize the look of the video gallery, you can select one of their ready-made designs rather than beginning from scratch. Envira Gallery does, however, have the drawback of not connecting to your YouTube channel immediately when new videos are published.

There is a free version as well as the premium version, which costs $29/1Y.

6. YouTube Showcase Plugin

YouTube Showcase Plugin

With the help of the YouTube Showcase plugin, you can make a video gallery that includes the original video along with the following videos. You may quickly and easily create stunning video galleries with the help of this wonderful, free plugin.

Users may utilize tags and categories in addition to widgets that show featured and most recent videos to arrange their videos. They can find exactly what they are seeking thanks to this.

Although the YouTube Showcase plugin is less feature-rich than the other plugins on our list, it is still totally free. So, if it would work well for your website, you should think about adding it.

You can further customize video pages by choosing the video resolution, autoplay options, and excerpt. Additionally, customers may watch videos right on your website without visiting YouTube.

Free to use, but upgrading costs money.

7. YourChannel Plugin

YourChannel Plugin

With the amazing capabilities of the YourChannel WordPress video player plugin, you may display YouTube videos on your website. One of these is the simultaneous viewing of several videos that are displayed on a single page.

This plugin allows you to automatically retrieve information from YouTube, such as your channel name, profile picture, videos, playlists, and uploads.

There is a restriction regarding presentation, though: It is unable to show any playlists or videos that are linked to your profile. The Options button is located on the Settings page for the plugin. It costs nothing to download the Lite version.

The cost of the Premium version is 15$.

8. Elfsight WordPress YouTube Gallery

A wonderful choice for making eye-catching galleries of YouTube videos in a variety of styles is the paid plugin Elfsight YouTube Gallery.

The special feature of this plugin is its contemporary, expert gallery layouts, which look fantastic out of the box. You have a variety of options for the source of your gallery, including a channel, playlist, or certain videos.

There are many various layouts available, and there are more than 100 changeable factors.

Additionally, it features an integrated AdSense interface so you can earn money from your video galleries using AdSense. Overall, if you want to make YouTube video galleries, this is one of your finest options.

Elfsight YouTube Gallery is available for $49, and lifetime updates are included.

9. Feeds for YouTube

Feeds for YouTube

If you have your own YouTube channel and want to use WordPress to show an automatic feed of your most recent videos, Feeds for YouTube is a fantastic alternative.

Of course, you may also utilize it with other people’s channels. The main benefit is that it was designed to provide a stream of the most recent videos from a channel rather than static galleries.

There are various layouts available, including list, gallery, and grid possibilities. Additionally, visitors can use the endless “load more” button to load an infinite number of films without refreshing the website.

Additionally, you can use numerous feeds at various locations. The premium version is necessary to merge many feed sources into a single stream, though. In other words, you can establish numerous feeds in the free edition, but each feed can only have one source.

Other intriguing features that are included in the premium version include:

As a feed source, use your list of “Favorites.”

Have access to a slider carousel layout.

Use keywords to filter the videos you want to include.

Upload the videos to your WordPress site as posts (using a custom post type). offers both a free and a paid version, with the latter beginning at $49.

10. ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

ARVE Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Any website that employs a lot of video content would benefit greatly from adding ARVE. Although this plugin does not only concentrate on YouTube videos, it does support them completely.

Because it employs the data natively, this plugin is search engine friendly. This makes it simpler for search engines like Google to index the content. This alone sets it apart from the majority of WordPress video plugins.

Of course, it has a wide range of features, like automatic starting on compatible browsers, video alignment, making videos responsive without user intervention, compatibility for every sort of video that uses the iframe border, and much more.

11. Feed Them Social Premium

Feed Them Social Premium

WordPress websites and social network feeds are integrated using Feed Them Social. In this manner, website owners can highlight their various platforms while ensuring that visitors stay on their websites for longer.

You may create and display responsive social feeds for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest using this premium plugin.

You can add Share, Like, and Follow buttons to these feeds and show them on any post or page, as well as in the sidebar of your website.

Wrapping Up!

You can easily create, upload, and distribute YouTube channels and videos on your website by using a YouTube plugin. Above we have listed all the essential Youtube plugins of 2022 so choose the one that suits your needs. 

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