Best WordPress Push Notification Plugins 2022

There are several techniques to entice individuals to return to your website, including developing an email campaign, producing high-quality content, and engaging in frequent social media posting.

Another way to increase return visitors is through web push notifications. With this technique, you can send various notifications to prior visitors who used desktop, Android, and iOS devices. By doing this, your website’s lost visitors who haven’t been there in a while will come back after reading your notification.

Notifications can be sent for a range of events, including new posts, content updates, the establishment of new landing pages, product launches, and even product price reductions.


An alert about a major development on your site is sent to your subscribers via a push notification.

A pop-up will appear on your website asking each new visitor if they agree to receive notifications in the future. If they accept, they’ll be notified whenever you publish new material or promote an occasion or item.

A message will appear on the desktops or mobile devices of your participating audience when a push notification is received from your site. Even if the user is not currently accessing your site, this notice is displayed.

They will access the message’s advertised content if they choose to click on the notification.

You should think about supported devices, customizable opt-in forms and notifications, the number of push notifications you can send, control over message sending, and statistics when selecting a plugin to add push notifications to WordPress.

Best WordPress push notification plugins

1. SendPulse


A free push notification plugin for WordPress is SendPulse. You can instantly notify your subscribers (push notifications) using this practical plugin.

Inform your audience if a new blog is published, a product in your store is going on sale, or a live chat session begins. SendPulse is a fantastic tool for boosting interaction and retaining visitors.

Cross-browser compatibility, offline notifications, resizable parts, customized messaging, A/B separation testing for WordPress, bulk messages, and more features are among the highlights. Real-time statistics features have also been improved in SendPulse.

You can determine which of your push notifications are converting in this manner depending on a number of variables.

Additionally, SendPulse is totally free.

Up to 2500 members and 15,000 messages are included with this.

For more subscribers or unlimited email, you must upgrade.

2. Smart Notifications Premium WordPress Plugin


An all-in-one plugin for push notifications, newsletters, Facebook Messenger, and subscription statistics is called Smart Notifications. Because of this, communicating with your audience is now simpler than ever.

Message notifications, forthcoming events, BuddyPress social interactions, bbPress threads, PeepSo activity, WooCommerce sales or orders, and more can all be handled with Smart Notifications.

Smart Notifications make it simple to coordinate your marketing activities, unlike many plugins that just provide one channel for communication with your audience.

Easily synchronize Facebook Messenger alerts, push notifications, and newsletters. By doing this, you can connect with a lot more subscribers than you could if you only used one channel.

Additionally, this plugin supports emojis, WPML translations, RTL, and WordPress multisite.

3. Push Notifications for WordPress Lite


Delite Studio’s push notifications for WordPress (Lite) are sent to iOS, Android, and Fire OS devices. These alerts are sent instantly from your website whenever you publish new content.

For individuals with small personal blogs or those just getting started with push notifications, this relatively straightforward WordPress plugin is a fantastic free choice. Please be aware that there is a limit of 1000 messages per platform and notification.

The premium version of Delite’s Push Notifications for WordPress supports notifications from the Safari, Chrome, and Firefox browsers and enables limitless notifications.

It offers comprehensive analytics so you can check how well your website is doing and which notifications are bringing in repeat visitors.

Users can select the news categories they wish to hear about as well as the notifications they get, which is another remarkable feature.

This might lessen your chance of losing subscriptions and keep users from being annoyed by constant notifications.



Use to quickly and effectively send web push alerts to your readers. Using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Yandex, you can notify readers about new material or offers thanks to this free plugin.

Advanced capabilities for subscription prompts, automated notifications based on RSS feeds, drip campaigns to welcome new subscribers to your site, and a special push digest of your most popular content are also available.

Additionally, you can be sure that your readers are getting your push alerts because works beautifully on any desktop or mobile device.

To utilize’s plugin, you must sign up for a plan.

For one user with up to 30,000 members (amazing! ),, fortunately, offers a generous lifelong free plan.

This comprises all features and integrations available on as well as limitless notifications.

However, you may upgrade to a paid plan for unrestricted users and subscribers, white labeling, a developer-friendly RESTful API, and priority support. It’s an expense that is worthwhile starting at just $4.

5. WonderPush


Web push alerts from WonderPush are yet another fantastic choice for your website. With the plugin enabled, opt-in subscribers will be notified as soon as a new post is published.

With only one click, you should be able to connect with the bulk of your audience since the plugin works with Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Firefox.

The fantastic built-in features are what distinguish this plugin.

Want to speak to a particular demographic?

You can limit a push using WonderPush based on language, tags, or events.

WonderPush can be used to retrieve abandoned carts. Just remind your subscribers with a push that they have amazing items in their shopping carts.

Additionally, you can manage all of your campaigns, segments, and staff members with access, and real-time analytics for your alerts via WonderPush’s dashboard.

Last but not least, it’s crucial to remember that WonderPush is a premium service (starting at 1Eu per month).

However, they do provide a 14-day free trial and are GDPR compliant, which means that they manage your data and the information of your customers in a secure manner and in accordance with the law.

Why not test it out and watch your traffic (and even income) increase?

6. Smart Notifications (Premium)

Push notifications, newsletters, Facebook Messenger, and subscriber analytics plugins are all included in Smart Notifications.

As a result, speaking with your audience is now simpler than ever.

Use Smart Alerts for all audience and subscriber-related activities, such as (but not limited to) post notifications, future events, BuddyPress social interactions, bbPress topics, PeepSo activity, WooCommerce sales or orders, and more.

Smart Notifications make it simple to coordinate your marketing activities, unlike many plugins that just provide one channel for communication with your audience.

Easily synchronize Facebook Messenger alerts, push notifications, and newsletters.

By doing this, you can connect with a lot more subscribers than if you only used one channel. This plugin also supports emoji, RTL, WPML translations, and WordPress multisite.

It is also compatible with WordPress multisite.

7. WP Notification Bar


A notification bar plugin with many uses is WP Notification Bar.

It can be utilized to expand your email list, social media following, and sales promotion. You can add additional notification bars to your website while giving the primary one priority.

Text, links, and buttons can all be added to the notification bar. You can import the demo content and export notice bar material to other websites using the import feature.

You can utilize the countdown timer included in this WordPress bar plugin to remind users about upcoming sales or special occasions. Additionally, a search bar is provided for visitors to browse inside links.

A unique feature that is not provided by many other WordPress notification plugins is AB testing. You can use it to direct traffic to several notifications to determine which one performs better.

You can use it for any number of websites by paying $29 for it.

8. Fire Push (Premium)


To add HTML5 web push notifications to your WordPress site, use the premium Fire Push plugin.

Easily alert readers when a post is changed or published by clicking a button! The plugin has simple settings that let you change the notification’s icon, title, website link, and text.

Additionally, you can deliver push alerts both live (while visitors are on your site) and silently (when users are simply browsing the web).

In order to deliver notifications when new products are introduced, prices are decreased, or even when a product is running low on stock, Fire Push also supports WooCommerce.

9. Beamer


Beamer is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to manage your site announcements from a single location and push notifications.

Beamer enables automatic announcements for new posts, segmentation (based on behaviour, location, or demographics), scheduling of posts and notifications, and even the creation of a Beamer Newsfeed for your website.

The best part is that setting up Beamer on your site only takes 5 minutes.

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