Best Exit Intent Popup Plugins for WordPress in 2022

When the pointer approaches the cross button in a tab of browsers, an Exit Intent Popup shows on the screen.

WordPress exit intent popup plugins enable you to show visitors to your website personalized messages when they indicate a desire to depart the site. The messages might serve as a reminder to join your email list, a special deal, or an invitation to an occasion.

Additionally, personalized popups for WordPress will raise interaction and be very useful for keeping visitors on your site so they can view more pages or make a purchase choice.

We’ll go into more detail about a few of them in this article.

Top WordPress Exit Intent Popup Plugins

1. Popupsmart Popup Builder

Popupsmart Popup Builder wordpress-exit-intent-popup-plugin

Without using any plugins, Popupsmart is the best WordPress exit intent popup builder to make a popup for your website (without any coding).

It is the most adaptable and user-friendly popup tool available. There are no updates or plugin issues to deal with. A single line of JavaScript code on your website powers Popupsmart.

So, all you need to do to put it up on your WordPress site is copy and paste the appropriate code.


  • A variety of contemporary popup templates
  • The most effective audience targeting and display capabilities (including exit intent)
  • A simple, user-friendly interface (build popups in 5 mins)
  • Numerous customization options, including popup animations, unique fonts, photos, and animated gifs
  • Advanced statistics to monitor how your popups perform
  • Integration possibilities with the well-known email marketing platforms and Zapier Popup timer, gamification popups, discount popups, email popups, and more
  • Responsive designs for mobile

2. HubSpot


Live chat, forms, and popups are just a few of the numerous marketing tools that HubSpot offers.

The HubSpot CRM is the ideal choice if you want to use this exit popup plugin. With the drag-and-drop functionality and user-friendly interface, exit-intent popup forms are simple to develop.

The drawbacks include the restricted selection of popup templates it provides. To get rid of the HubSpot branding from your popups, you must upgrade your plan.

HubSpot offers fewer targeting possibilities than a sophisticated popup solution like Popupsmart.

3. Sumo


With Sumo, you can easily make exit popups that encourage site users to subscribe to your email marketing list.

They offer a selection of contact form templates that make it simple to make exit-intent popups.

There aren’t many solutions available for people who want to use cart abandonment popups since this exit popup plugin is focused on creating exit popups with email opt-in forms.

A popup’s components, such as the background and button colors, can be changed. Additionally, items like texts or photos can be added.

The A/B tracking feature enables you to test your popups and determine which ones convert better. In general, it is the best option if you only need the most fundamental popup builder features.

The majority of the sophisticated triggers and targeting options are only available in the pro plans.

4. OptinMonster


You can design a wide variety of exit-intent popups that are incredibly personalized with OptinMonster’s popup creator. The drag-and-drop editor offers a wide variety of design components, like spinning wheels and countdown timers.

For online stores that see a lot of mobile traffic, also provides you with the ability to customize the look and feel of your popups for mobile. One of the top WordPress exit-intent popup plugins is OptinMonster. With the drag-and-drop functionality, it offers simplicity of usage.

Additionally, you can construct and customize your exit popup using a variety of editable popup templates.

You can make popup forms, subscription forms, interactive displays, opt-in wheels, and more using the plugin. Additionally, the plugin ensures that your message looks beautiful on all devices because it is responsive.

Additionally, the plugin includes a very user-friendly interface that enables users of all skill levels to easily construct popup forms.

5. Optimonk


With the help of the user-friendly WordPress exit-intent popup plugin Optimonk, you can increase subscription rates, advertise exclusive deals, and decrease cart abandonment.

Five different on-site messaging formats, including popups, sidebars, interstitials, and lucky wheel popups, are included with this WordPress plugin.

For your popup campaigns, you can configure several triggering options, including scroll-based, on-click, and exit-intent. The exit-intent popup plugin from OptiMonk has a tonne of capabilities and a highly user-friendly UI.

With OptiMonk’s drag-and-drop builder, you can either start with one of their over 300 popup templates or construct a popup from scratch. There are templates available for a variety of purposes, including email address collection and cart abandonment.

Additionally, by selecting OptiMonk, you get access to modern exit popups like lucky wheel popups and conversational popups. These popups are responsive and entice visitors to interact by asking them to do something.


Mobile compatibility: All exit popups will display properly on mobile devices like on computer screens.

Advanced targeting options: Depending on the visitor’s traffic source, browsing history, geotargeting, and other variables, you can display different popups for them.

A/B testing: Create several iterations of your pop-ups and evaluate which ones work the best.

Dynamic Text Replacement: Target as many distinct groups as you like with a single message by dynamically changing its wording and any other element.

Create a Facebook Messenger contact list: Numerous OptiMonk templates have been created to collect Facebook information.

6. Popup Maker

Popup Maker-wordpress-exit-intent-popup-plugin

Another well-liked exit-intent popup plugin for WordPress is Popup Maker.

Select from a variety of popup campaign types, such as lightbox popups that hide the content behind them.

The editor makes it simple to alter the popup’s appearance. With targeting options like only displaying on particular posts or pages, even the free version is available.

While the popup plugin is free, the exit intent functionality requires a fee.

The ability to make video popups in addition to those with bespoke images is one of Popup Maker’s distinctive features. It’s a fantastic choice for businesses that want to showcase their video material.


Visual Theme Builder: Aids in customizing templates to match the appearance of your website and keeps track of your preferences for you.

Device targeting: This allows you to choose which exit-intent popups to display depending on whether a user is using a Mac, PC, phone, or tablet.

The WordPress popup plugin is free, but without upgrading to a paid account, you won’t be able to create any exit-intent popups.

7. Yeloni


Yeloni is a free WordPress exit intent popup plugin that includes numerous widgets, popups, and action buttons. However, keep in mind that you cannot construct responsive popups with Yeloni’s free version. For any WordPress site, Yeloni delivers an easy-to-use but powerful exit popup tool. They feature a huge collection of contemporary, simplistic popups.

Popups can be made based on a variety of topics, including chat activation, social sharing, email subscription, and discount offers. You can create an unlimited number of popups with their free edition, and there is no restriction on how many people can view them. To use their mobile popups, you’ll need to purchase the premium version, though.

Making a straightforward exit-intent popup for WordPress is the best option. Based on: Yeloni has three exit-intent triggers.

The clicks on a link,

Clicks on the back button of the browser,

Mouse movements.

Only 5 email marketing services, including MailChimp, Aweber, ActiveCampaign, and Sendy, are compatible with this plugin.

8. Poptin


Poptin is a free exit-intent popup maker, however, to access more sophisticated features, you must upgrade your account. If your website doesn’t receive more than 1000 visits each month, its free plan is best. Only 1000 visitors are covered by the free plan each month. Use of the premium plan is required for busy websites.

Poptin’s exit-intent popups have a distinct appearance. It has a cartoonish style and is vivid and vibrant. You might wish to consider this WordPress plugin if the style matches your brand.

You can make responsive popups, lightbox popups, and fullscreen popups using Poptin’s huge library of popup templates.

9. WP Popups – WordPress Popup Builder

WP Popups – WordPress Popup builder

Another WordPress exit-intent popup plugin to think about is WP Popups – WordPress Popup builder. Given that it supports a variety of popups, including email opt-ins, WooCommerce upsells and cross-sell popups, and content upgrade popups, it is a flexible and adaptable solution.

For your popup forms, this plugin offers simple and clear customization choices. The plugin works well for a variety of tasks, including growing email subscriptions and sending conversion-focused communications, among others.

The plugin also provides several options for display filtering, including those that are particular to articles or pages, user roles, etc. Additionally, it works with a variety of different plugins, including email automation software and form builders.

10. Thrive Leads


Thrive Suite is an online website builder similar to Elementor that also enables you to create exit-intent popups for WordPress.

They have two popup builders which produce various popups. While Thrive Ultimatum is for making high-conversion exit popups, Thrive Leads assists you in designing popups for gaining email subscribers.

Modern templates that are adaptable are included in the free plan. Exit-intent targeting for your exit popups in Hello Bar is simple to set up.

The popups created under the free plan do, however, bear branding. Aside from that, more features come at a cost.

Pricing: There is a free plan. Pro plans begin at $29 per month.

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