8 Best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2021 (Performance Compared)

Believe it or not, pop-ups are immensely effective in getting results. If you are seeking to find the perfect pop-up plugin for your website, then you are already on the right track.

An appropriate WordPress popup plugins will convert your site visitors into paid customers.

However, you’ve to be careful while making your choice because some pop-plugins can slow down your website or offer incorrect statistics or both.

For attracting more visitors to your site, you need a WordPress popup plugin which looks attractive along while delivering rich features such as templates, simple integrations, etc.

The benefit of pop-up marketing enables the webmaster to display subscription models, promotions, offers, deals, and many more options, irrespective of the pop-plugin they’re using.

Why You Should Use Pop-Ups on Your Website?

Utilizing a pop-plugin delivers multifold benefits as it’s an effective marketing tool.

If used appropriately, popup plugins help in the organic growth of email subscription lists and show remarkable improvement in a website’s conversion rate.

The biggest advantage of a pop-plugin is that they have a high Click-Through-Rate compared to other formats of engagements.

Smart integration of an appropriate and efficient popup plugin for your WordPress website can do wonders. It can not only help you minimize your customer acquisition costs but also build a decent list of loyal customers.

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Let’s check out the best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2022:

8 Best WordPress Popup Plugins of 2020

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1. OptinMonster

optinmonster-wordpress-landing-page plugins

This plugin is considered the best in the market as it serves multiple purposes.

OptinMonster not only helps in creating pop-ups for growing your email listings but also delivers specific messages most effectively.

The advantages of using this pop-plugin are that you can mark your specified customers based on interactions, time, geophysical locations, and specific interests.

OptinMonster popup plugin for WordPress is very easy to use as it comes with strong drag-and-drop features, helping you to select the in-built template.

Needless to mention that the support staff is always there to help you out in fixing any minor issue.

2. Bloom


Build by Elegant Themes, Bloom is a reputed pop-up plugin. It helps in creating gorgeous pop-up forms through the WordPress dashboard.

Before purchasing the product, you can see their live plugin demo site. This product enables you to select from 6 different display types such as optin fly-ins and optin pop-ups.

This pop-up plugin also offers 115 built-in templates which means you do not start building pop-up right from the start.

Bloom pop-up plugins show you a detailed dashboard regarding data, conversion rates, lists, and many more reports.

Best Plugins:

ThemeForest | TeslaThemes | TemplateMonster | StudioPress | Restored 316 | PremiumCoding | Udemy

3. Thrive Leads


This plugin was developed by Thrive Themes. It specializes in creating innovative and focused WordPress themes and plugins.

Just like OptinMonter, Thrive Leads lets you design awesome optin forms from your WordPress dashboard. Detailed reports let you view your conversion rates and list building efforts.

4. Sumo


This solution is just beyond a normal WordPress popup plugins. Apart from increasing your email listing, this plugin offers social sharing and special features, like scroll boxes and heat maps.

Similar to OptinMonter, SumoMe is also a discrete product. SumoMe has special features to become the perfect choice for you if you want to have a free product with restricted features.

The premium version of this product helps you to pick from a list of pre-built templates with which you can easily achieve your targets.

The main advantage of these pop-up plugins is that you can download this software at no cost from the WordPress plugin store.

Popular Plugins:

MonsterInsights | CSS Igniter | Pretty Links | Tidio | Apollo 13 Theme | Themeum | Pretty Darn Cute Design

5. PopUps


As the name shows, this popular pop-up plugin is free and powerful like the other leading popup plugins.

Using this, you can create pop-ups to promote your website, cookie notice, display of subscription forms, and many such things.

There are many trigger conditions and pop-up categories. The pop-up plugin can be placed at any place to your liking on your website.

Customization of different colors, backgrounds, opacity, and borders are also a big plus in this plugin. In addition to that, this plugin is also compatible with other WordPress plugins like JetPack, MailChimp, and WPForms.

6. PopUp Maker


This is a very famous WordPress pop-up plugin. It also shows several optin varieties such as slide-in popup, notifications, sticky pop-up, lightbox pop-up, etc.

The option of full-customization is a big advantage if you are using this plugin. As the product is having ample features, one of the notable features is that it is free to download and use it on your site.

Integration is very easy with the other favored solutions like Contact Form 7, and WPForms, etc.

The benefit of conditional targeting helps you to display the exact location of the pop-up on your website.

7. PopUp Builder


It is a WordPress modal pop-up plugin, which allows you to combine the indefinite pop-ups with multiple themes, customized options, and animation features.

Another unique attribute of this plugin is that you can scroll the pop-up options which means that it will get automatically loaded whenever the visitors roll down on your website.

With the help of notification sounds, you can alert the visitors.

The free version of this plugin has multiple features for your use. Compatibility with WPML provides you to add the pop-ups in any language as per your choice.

8. Icegram


Being an absolute product, it helps you in designing pop-ups and email optins for increasing your email listings.

Apart from creating optin forms and popups, additionally, you can build immense CTA buttons to navigate the website visitors to any page you want to.

OptinMonster can turn out to be the perfect choice for you if you want to have a plugin that is budget-friendly along with stunning features.

It has unbeatable stability and performance. Investing a few more bucks on a premium version like OptinMonster can be a long-term prospect for your website if you consider email listing as your biggest online asset.

Pop-up Maker, Pop-ups plugins, or Pop-up Builder are some of the other options, especially if you are considering to install a free version with customizable features.

The other WordPress popup plugins under an affordable budget are Icegram or Sumo; however, you’ve to sacrifice the quality and performance of your website.

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