Best WordPress Social Media Plugins for Sharing and Engagement

Social media has revolutionized the way information is shared over the internet, especially popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn etc. These social media platforms have facilitated online conversations that have engaged millions of people across the globe. Best Premium WordPress Social Media Plugins. It’s now a necessity to be notified about all the latest happenings around the world.

As a website owner, you must follow the trend and engage your prospects over multiple social media platforms. Engaging your prospective customers by connecting with them on popular social media platforms will not only further your marketing and branding efforts but also send positive social signals to search engines. All this would eventually lead to a better indexing of your website and higher rankings on popular search engines like Google and Bing.

WordPress website owners have a bigger advantage over others because they can add social media tools to their site with just a few clicks! Yes, installing the latest social media plugins for your WordPress website would help you climb the social media latter swiftly. However, when you get down to choosing a plugin, chances are high that you will be overwhelmed because of the sheer number of options available. So let’s make your job easier by listing the 10 most popular social media plugins for WordPress (2020):

1. Monarch


Elegant Themes created this plugin in 2014. Within six years, it attained a reputation among social media WordPress plugins across the world. The user-friendly social media sharing buttons will certainly make your website impressive. It will display button sharing at the top and bottom of the content. You can still embed the sharing button into pictures or videos. Supports over 20 social media networks with customized options that grant you to establish the display of sharing the boxes in content.

2. Easy Social Share Buttons


Since its start in 2013, the plugin it gets constantly improved through regular updates. Offered at an affordable cost, it has enjoyed as the leading social media plugin. Easy Social Share Buttons supports over 50 social media networks, providing you to show the buttons over 30 positions. Events will trigger positions such as floating bars, pop-ups, and fly while acquiring an item and time spent on the page. It carries ‘Performance Approved’ by caching WordPress plugin WP Rocket, which does not change the performance of the site.  Versatile and lovely, Easy Social Share Buttons is recommended to the users looking to reach their brands to their target customers at the snap of a finger.

3. Social Warfare


This social media plugin allows you manual or automatic insertion of bold and big sharing buttons within your content. The free version of Social Warfare supports six social media networks, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.  It will publish the distribution of buttons on top and below the content section, or both. Social Warfare plugin includes the WordPress widgetpopular posts’ which analyzes how many times they have shared it on social media.

4. JetPack


It is a simple social media plugin, having a sharing module within Automatic’s JetPack plugin. The modules offer simple sharing buttons on most of the social media networks. Regardless of having a few customized options, the integration looks impeccable under your content and easy on the eyes. Besides that, the sharing of links via text does not put extra weight on your content.

5. Swifty Bar


Swifty Bar is a little different from other plugins. It displays a bar at the bottom of the pages showing the category of post, title, author of the post, and the approximate time to go through the article. The social media sharing buttons are on the right side of the content. The navigation buttons on the post at the end lead you to other articles, encouraging you to stay on your website for a longer period. A blue line on the top of the plugin shows the progress you have made on the page.

6. Kiwi Social Share


One of the most interesting social media solutions, Kiwi Social Share helps you to display the sharing buttons on top or below the content, floating bars, right and left-hand side, or at the base of your page. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is available in the free version of the plugin. From the design point of view, this plugin is not available in customized social media solutions. The pro-version of this plugin allows you to share features for different categories of posts.

7. Sassy Social Sharing Plugin


The seventh on our list is the Sassy Social Sharing plugin for WordPress. Being free and GDPR compliant, it does not insert any cookies on your browser. Supporting over 100 social media networks, it offers many options for customization, positioning, and appearance of social media sharing buttons. The unique feature of the plugin is its simple integration with myCRED, rewarding users every time they share your content.

8. Social Snap


Social snap is considered as a powerhouse amongst all the social sharing plugins. It supports over 30 social media networks. For optimal results, it allows you to place the buttons at unique positions on a web page. The option to choose from multiple shapes, sizes, unlimited colours, and animations makes eye-catching and amazing. The number of shares is tracked accurately by the plugin through API and clicks. The other important feature of this plugin is that you can preserve the share count whenever you are changing the URL.

9. Social Sharing by Danny


If you are searching for something very simple and lightweight, then you can have a look at Social Sharing by Danny. It displays the basic social media buttons at the end of content, media, and pages.  It supports Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Javascript and icon CSS will be loaded, which enables you to have your username on Twitter.

10. Simple Social Buttons


The last plugin on the list is Simple Social Buttons, which supports over a dozen social media networks. They will display the buttons for sharing at the top or below the content, or as a floating bar. There is an availability of multiple icon designs to select and choose for displaying in an easy classified form, tag pages, search results, and archives.


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