Awesome WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

According to a survey, by the end of 2020 around 90% of the total world population above six years old will be using mobile phones.

This is going to have a huge implication on the marketing strategies of businesses, especially the ones that have a website. You’ll need to make your website future-ready and enhance customer experience by turning it mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly WordPress site can be achieved by using the right tools (read plugins). It would eventually ensure that you don’t lose out to your competitors.

The time to grab the attention of visitors is less than five seconds, so you can’t go wrong in your efforts to pull them onto your side. Thus, if your site fails to load quickly on their mobile device then one thing is guaranteed – the visitor won’t return!

This is why it’s imperative to make your website mobile optimized so that it not only loads faster but all the elements are displayed properly.

Besides there’re other advantages of optimizing your websites for mobile devices – it sends a positive signal to Google and other popular search engines, which implies that you can expect to rank higher on SERPs.

Mobile optimization isn’t a complex process and you can easily do it with the help of an appropriate WordPress Plugin. Now, we have done the legwork on your behalf and you can choose from the list of competent plugins:

Wordpress Mobile Plugins,


Mobile Friendly WordPress Plugins

WP Touch is probably the only name that would cross our thoughts every time we think of mobile solutions.

With 6 million-plus downloads, WP Touch is certainly at the top of the popularity chart and it has transformed millions of traditional websites across the world into mobile-friendly sites.

It has facilitated a faster load speed and better readability by changing the replacing the existing design by a mobile-centric theme.

The most incredible feature of WP Touch is that it can automatically add a desired theme to your mobile site while keeping the overall theme unchanged.

The website content remains intact and it just adjusts the font size and alignment as per the mobile screens. The URL is also unchanged, so all the changes are essentially cosmic.

However, the biggest thing that works in WP Touch’s favor is that it’s recommended by Google so there’s a very good chance that your website ranking improves once you use this plugin.

Thus, after installing and optimizing your website for mobile devices, you can expect to witness better organic search rankings for a specific set of keywords.

Key features of WP Touch include the following:

  • Choice to exclude or include pages
  • Change and control the menus and pages

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WP Super Cache


WP Super Cache is another great choice for mobile optimizations of websites, especially when it’s free. This WordPress plugin has been downloaded over a million times and users have simply lapped up the advanced functionalities offered by the plugin.

WP Super Cache, which can be installed along with Auto Optimize facilitates quicker page loading, which is particularly effective while viewing the website on a mobile device.

This cache plugin saves the best-known version of your website’s pages and while viewing on a mobile device it doesn’t need to load all the scripts thereby expediting the page loading process.

Install the website and check it for yourself with any top-grade speed testing tools such as GT Metrix. Thus, eventually, it enhances the upload speed of your website, even when it’s experiencing heavy traffic or is hosted on a slower server.

Dynamic PHP codes are converted by the plugin, which often stretches the server’s resources, into simple and readable HTML files. However, visitors to your website won’t feel any difference, even during peak traffic hours.

You won’t have to configure much, which makes WP Super Cache a perfect choice for beginners. Even if you aren’t quite an expert with the technical aspects, you can simply install the plugin and experience the difference.

Popular Plugins:

ThemeForest | TeslaThemes | TemplateMonster | StudioPress | Restored 316 | PremiumCoding | Udemy



Now, at the very outset, I need to mention that Jetpack is way too complex compared to WP Super Cache. It comes loaded with advanced features that can help website owners grow the incoming traffic, secure it and keep visitors engaged.

The plugin offers an impressive range of functionalities that can be configured by website administrators from a dedicated administration panel. Site administrators can expect to:

  • Monitor traffic statistics
  • Share social buttons
  • Create Newsletter subscription options
  • Profile customization of site users
  • Suggest grammatical changes for the articles
  • Create and maintain a photo gallery
  • Edit CSS files

Popular features that make the lives of JetPack users easier include:

  • Option to display related posts
  • CDN imaging to experience faster site loading
  • Website statistics and traffic monitoring
  • Automatic posting of messages on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • Social sharing
  • XML sitemaps
  • Contextualized sidebar
  • Advanced comment section
  • Contact form creator

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Auto Optimize is the best choice for site optimization and better load speed for all WordPress sites, irrespective of the hosting service. This plugin not only optimizes databases but also aggregates scripts and deletes cache.

Auto Optimize is known to cut down the loading time of websites by almost 30%, an impressive statistics because visitors love fast loading websites.

Global surveys have proved time and again that Auto Optimize is certainly a top-of-the-class plugin for site optimization.

What more? Auto Optimize is free and you don’t even need any optimization knowledge.



Hummingbird plugin carries out multiple functions like scanning your website, detecting the slowdown factors, suggesting quick fixes that can range from caching to asset optimization and GZIP Compression of JavaScript, HTML, and stylesheet.

These fixes will certainly clean up your website and help it load faster while maintaining high PageSpeed scores.

Apart from the above list of plugins, you can always choose to use any other tricks in the book to make your website mobile-friendly.

Half the job is done if you’re able to engage your customers before they move on to check your competitor’s website. Conveniently optimize your site for mobile browsing by installing a smart plugin.

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