6 Best WordPress Grid Plugins 2022: Posts Grid Layout

Content on your website must impress your readers and for that,you need to develop readable content. Cluttered and ambiguous content hampers your search engine optimization.

WordPress grid plugins also allows you to display grid anywhere you like through shortcode. The content on your website has to be easily understood by the visitors. Your website should be able to have the visitors hooked to it.

Opting for what we call a grid view is a good technique to display your content more effectively. That way, your posts will be far more attention-grabbing. You can be far more creative in the display of your posts as a grid view offers you more diversity.

If you have no experience of creating a grid, doing so for your posts will be tough. However, it sure is worth a try. We make it a bit easier for you to list the best WordPress post grid plugins. Here they are-

WordPress Grid Plugins

1. Blog Designer Pro


Flaunt the blog posts on your website in the grid layout format with the very popular BlogDesigner Pro WordPress plugin. It offers more than 50 pre-designed blog templates that give your blog page, author page, or your blog post an eye-catching look. What’s more, it also includes more than 10 templates that help you create more engaging grid layouts. They are easy to customize too.

A grid template for your posts is just the perfect technique to give your blog and magazine a look that’ll have the visitors hooked to your website. It helps the readers browse your blog page smoothly giving you a landing page with a vivid look

Blog Designer Pro does have a free version, but it comes with only limited features. The premium version has had more than 5500 active sales. We say that Blog Designer Pro is a must for all blogging sites and those that feature news. It’s also perfect for photographers and fashion bloggers.

2. Portfolio Designer


If it’s an eye-catching portfolio you’re looking for, this one is just right for you. You can create a gallery in a grid layout making your work look very vibrant. Portfolio Designer is an all-in-one plugin that gives your portfolio a stunning look. You can also create galleries, or display logos, showcase team members, and do much more.

The grid you create can have up to 6 columns. You can also design the look the way you like by changing the margin separating each item, or you can try out various color compositions, image sizes, or backgrounds. Portfolio Designer is just right for managing portfolios and you wouldn’t believe it, it’s free.

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3. Essential Grid


If you’re looking to create grid layouts that make your viewers go wow, you have Essential Grid, the most popular and widely used WordPress plugin. With this, you can create stunning galleries with images, videos, or audio files taken from various sources.

Essential Grid comes with a feature called visual skin editor. With this, you’ll be able to create as many unlimited additional skins as you want to or you may even create fresh ones. This plugin is the one for you if you are looking to make your project or product display a head-turner.

Using your coding skills and the WordPress gallery tools already existing, you can create a breathtaking gallery. We tell you, it’s a superb gallery plugin.

4. Social Stream Designer

You might have guessed from the name, Social Stream Designer helps you embed posts made on social media on the WordPress site. It’s more than just simple embedding.

You can exhibit social media posts in breathtaking layouts like Timeline, Masonry, Grid, List, and Slide. Your social media feed gets a stunning look as a spectacular wall on one page using the layouts mentioned. You can take your feed from as many as 14 popular social media platforms and customize it with many designs and styles.

With a frilly box interaction feature that allows a more appealing display of your social media feed, it adds an extra zing to your site. Just auto-refreshing the API users get to see your latest feed on your website.

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5. Media Grid


Here’s another grid plugin, a very popular one that helps you present your portfolios or galleries in a grid layout. It offers filtration and pagination options that let you create any number of responsive galleries.

Creating grids on Media Grid is an easy affair as it supports a visual grid builder. The gallery can be made very vibrant as this plugin supports all media, be it audio, images, or videos.

Media Grid helps make your website very user friendly. That’s because it has a filter and search option that helps a user find a certain image or portfolio from many images or data of a large amount.

You can also create as many as attributes you want to with an icon related to each of them. Disqus and Facebook comments integration helps you engage your customers so that you can gauge their views.

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6. Uber Grid


Uber Grid is a very responsive grid builder WordPress plugin and it’s a premium one. It gives you very engaging layouts that make your display of products, team, photos, portfolios, and blog spots more appealing.

You can assign a certain cell size from more than 10 cell layouts on offer. That makes the display of images classier. You can use the automatic mode that’ll help create a certain layout and then just click the ‘grid on the fly option’ to customize the grid when you want to.

Follow that up by clicking on the ‘build now’ icon which will help you add cells automatically. That’s a very convenient plugin, isn’t it?

So we give you the best WordPress Grid Plugins on offer. Before you choose one, it’s important to check what kind of content your website has.

There are plugins suitable for portfolios while there’s also Social Media Grid which lets you embed your social media feeds into your website. One of the many advantages of using a WordPress grid layout plugin is that it also offers optimization that won’t let your website slow down.

The attractive grids have viewers hooked to your website and help generate more conversions. So, if it’s a stand-out website you’re looking for, you know how to have one now.

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