Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins Compared – 2022

Are you looking for the best WordPress eCommerce plugins?

WordPress is a popular platform for creating beautiful websites. With the correct eCommerce plugins, though, you can transform your website into a fully functional online store.

We’ll compare the finest WordPress eCommerce plugins on the market in this article because the correct plugins mean more growth.

Before we get into the specifics of how WordPress Ecommerce plugins work and what they can do, it’s important to note that practically all WordPress eCommerce plugins rely on Woocommerce. If you want to turn your WordPress website into an eCommerce store or add eCommerce features, you’ll need to install the woocommerce plugin.

6 Best eCommerce Plugins for WordPress

1. WooCommerce


WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce platform. It’s the most complete solution for selling both digital and physical things from your WordPress website.

WooCommerce makes it simple to develop and enhance your store with hundreds of free and paid plugins, so you can start selling things in minutes. Because of the vast community, you can employ WooCommerce developers if you want a custom-built web store.

WooCommerce has payment options such as PayPal (for accepting credit card and PayPal account payments), BACS, and cash on delivery. Installing addons to your WooCommerce store will provide you more payment alternatives.

WooCommerce also offers simple tutorials and documentation to guide you through the process of setting up an online store. Support requests are handled on the official forums, so if you need help, you’ll be able to get it there.

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2. BigCommerce


BigCommerce is another cloud-hosted eCommerce platform for swiftly launching your online store. BigCommerce is best suited for online stores with a small to medium size.

BigCommerce, unlike Shopify, is a feature-rich online shop builder that doesn’t charge for add-ons or transaction fees.

BigCommerce also comes with a large number of responsive eCommerce themes from which to pick. Of course, having a lot of options is good, but it might be daunting if you’re seeking something more simplified.

BigCommerce also has discounting and segmentation capabilities that make it easy to offer promotions and increase sales.

BigCommerce may even be integrated into your WordPress site. That way, you can use WordPress to handle your content and your Bigcommerce account to administer your eCommerce storefront.

The advantage is that you can outsource eCommerce queries to BigCommerce and free up server resources on your WordPress site.

Popular Plugins:

ToolsonCloud | CSS Igniter | Mojo | Apollo 13 Theme | Themeum | Pretty Darn Cute Design | WPDeveloper

Affiliate Royale | WPForms | Kali Forms | Gravity Forms | Olark | Tidio | Pure Chat | Formilla | LiveChat

3. Easy Digital Downloads


Easy Digital Downloads is the greatest WordPress plugin for selling digital products. It’s a lightweight plugin with all the core functionality you’ll need to sell digital products quickly and easily.

You may also find dozens of extensions to increase your storefront’s functionality and customize it to your heart’s content.

Although WooCommerce allows you to sell digital products from your store, the negative is that it comes with a lot of features you won’t need if you’re only selling digital things (such as shipping options).

If you don’t plan to sell physical goods from your site, it’s easy to become bogged down by WooCommerce’s bulky user interface.

EDD, on the other hand, is designed exclusively for the sale of digital items. This makes it super easy to list your products and start selling on your store quickly and easily.

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4. Shopify


Shopify is one of the best cloud-hosted solutions for getting started selling online quickly. You can sell your Shopify digital or physical products on any website, including WordPress, but there is no native integration.

Given the abundance of eCommerce plugins available for WordPress, you may be wondering why you should use Shopify instead. There are various reasons why using Shopify to power your online store will benefit your online business:

When compared to native WordPress eCommerce plugins, getting started with Shopify is much easier.

All you have to do now is create a Shopify account and have your eCommerce store up and running.

As your eCommerce business expands, you won’t have to worry about updating your server due to traffic disruptions because it’s a cloud-hosted solution.

Shopify also comes with many different attractive themes to choose from, so you can change the look and feel of your storefront to give it that personal touch you crave.

Choose Popular Plugins:

Pretty Links | Blubrry PowerPress | Tidio | MonsterInsights | SuperbThemes | WP Review Pro | CSS Igniter

StackPath | Copysmith | Long Tail Pro | Barn2 Media | PayPro Global | Freelancer | Envira Gallery | Time Doctor

5. MemberPress



On your eCommerce website, MemberPress allows you to sell subscription-based digital items and services. It is not only the finest WordPress eCommerce plugin but also the best WordPress membership plugin.

MemberPress is a full-featured WordPress membership site plugin that lets you pay your visitors for access to your digital items.

In the eCommerce industry, the subscription-based economy is quickly becoming the norm. It’s one of the most effective strategies to make money from your online digital business regularly.

MemberPress also allows you to simply integrate your website with WooCommerce, allowing you to expand the capabilities of your online store.

You may manage your members using MemberPress by providing and canceling access to digital items. You’ll have more control over your inventory this way.

PayPal, Stripe, and are just a few of the payment methods supported by MemberPress. It also works with a variety of prominent email marketing platforms, like Constant Contact, Drip, Mailchimp, and others.

It allows you to develop forums and social groups on your online store with the necessary extensions, in addition to selling things in a subscription model economy. You may now quickly build, manage, and sell online courses with the built-in MemberPress Courses add-on.

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6. WP eCommerce


WP eCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin, but it isn’t as old as WooCommerce.

WP eCommerce comes with a wealth of features out of the box, allowing you to build a stunning online store from the ground up. It is compatible with a wide range of payment gateways.

The biggest disadvantage is that it is frequently described as buggy, leading to users switching to WooCommerce or other eCommerce solutions in the future. Another downside is that, as compared to WooCommerce or Shopify, there aren’t as many extensions available.

We hope this article was useful in assisting you in selecting the finest WordPress eCommerce plugins for your needs.

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