Best Google Mapping Plugins For WordPress 2022

Are you looking for Google Mapping Plugins of 2022?

Google Maps are maps that may be embedded in your website to properly display the address. There are many different sorts of plugins that can be readily integrated into your WordPress website.

If you know that Google Maps has built-in code that you can copy and paste into your WordPress posts or pages without having to use any plugins, you’ll be glad to know.

Google Maps’ code can be changed to suit your needs. You will be able to add code to posts and pages using a text editor.

However, Google Maps does not allow you to add your data to the maps, such as location, markers, directions, and routes, among other things.

As a result, WordPress Google Map Plugins offer a wide range of customization choices.

Top Free WordPress Google Mapping Plugins 2022

1. WP Google Maps


WP Google Maps is the most popular WordPress plugin that is completely free. This plugin is also simple to use. You can quickly create maps by entering an address, giving directions, changing marker settings, and more.

In the commercial edition, you can additionally add high-quality markers like places, descriptions, categories, photos, directions, and links. There are up to 9 popular map themes from which to choose.

You have complete control over the design of your map theme. The map is available in full-screen mode. The finest thing is that a map can be created in about 30 seconds.

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2. WP Google Map Plugin


WP Google Map Plugin is one of the best WordPress Google Map Plugins for easy interaction. It has a lot of tools that let you customize options to make the most attractive maps.

Color makers, informational windows, reroute users, embed maps using shortcodes, map click, and many more customization possibilities are available.

You may also use custom makers to add several places to a map that displays these types of sites. Google maps shortcodes can be used to generate many types of maps on pages, widgets, and custom layouts.

You can choose from four different types of maps: roadmaps, satellite maps, hybrid maps, and terrain maps.

3. Google Maps Easy


With the Google Maps Easy plugin, you can make Google maps in minutes. This plugin can be completely customized. It allows you to include images, videos, links, text, and descriptions as media creators.

On the contact page, real estate, delivery zones, and routes, the Google map can be displayed. To construct a Google map, you can select your theme from four distinct possibilities.

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4. 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps

10Web wordpress google maps plugins

This plugin is an extension of 10Web Map Builder for Google Maps, which makes it simple to add many addresses to the same map using various map formats such as road maps, satellite maps, hybrid maps, and terrain maps.

You have complete control over the custom map style, and you can use the element to change the latitude and longitude. There are ten various color maker ins icons to choose from.

The zoom control can be enabled or disabled. It also has multilingual features, such as Google Maps, which is available in 12 different languages.

5. Google Maps CP

CP wordpress google maps plugins

CodePeople developed Google Maps CP. Version 3 of the Google Maps Javascript API was used. Within your blogs, you can quickly embed a Google map in the correct location.

You can also generate Google maps in a variety of languages, with a variety of Google maps controls and setting choices.

Height, width, alignment, map languages, map type, enable map control, disable map control, mouse hover, and many more customization options are available.

6. MapPress Maps for WordPress


MapPress Maps for WordPress, or simply MapPress, uses interactive Google and Leaflet maps to bring a touch of high-function design to your maps.

Even if the styles aren’t quite modern, the plugin provides one of the simplest ways to obtain a map on your WordPress website.

The plugin’s core is available for free. A basic license for MapPress Pro costs $49.95. The cost of a developer license is $79.95. These are the pricing for the entire year.

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7. Intergeo Maps


Intergeo map is a user-friendly map that allows you to create a personalized map using numerous places. It comes with built-in features that make it easier to use.

Positions, numerous locations, map zoom levels, and other places and markers can all be readily put up. Different colors and sizes also make it easier to choose numerous spots without being buzzed.

Price: The best part is that this map plugin is completely free. It’s a completely free plugin to use regularly.

8. Maps Marker Pro


Most people find Maps Marker Pro to be a popular and user-friendly map plugin. It has 600+ configuration choices that allow you to adjust the map’s dimensions, make markers, and select layers.

You may also import data from a variety of sources, including Bing, HERE, Google Maps, and Open Street Map.  You may easily share a live location and motion to your website or other locations.

The custom map uploading feature is perfect for floor plans, mall maps, and other building locations. It has QR code facilities that help to share maps offline.

There is a free and a premium version of this map plugin. Many functions are limited in the free edition, but the premium version provides a more meaningful experience. The Premium version will set you back around $44.

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9. Mapify


Mapify is the perfect answer for your demand if you want to use a comprehensive map plugin with plenty of amazing features and tools.

You can upload a custom map with images and seamless zooming, as well as a planning impact as a real-time location, with this plugin.

This plugin gives you complete freedom to place video and photo galleries wherever you like. Custom map making is so easy through this plugin as you may also use the custom maps API with ease.

The cost of this user-friendly and customizable map plugin is reasonable.It is available for just $7.

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10. WP Store Locator


It’s a straightforward location management system that lets you change the map’s design as well as add custom fields and labels.  You can also present a detailed driving direction to those who need help to find nearby stores.

You can, however, add an endless number of stores by supplying information such as phone numbers, fax numbers, URLs, emails, descriptions, and other details.

It also provides various language support—according to the user’s current location, display map, and driving directions in several languages.

Price: This map plugin is a freemium plugin. You need not pay any money to use it.

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