5 Best WordPress Schema & Rich Snippet Plugins for 2022

Rave as much as you want about your SEO techniques but nothing can beat the importance and efficacy of rich snippets. You have to provide pointers to Google and other search engines when it comes to factoring web elements.

Are you looking for the best wordpress schema plugin?

Yes, there’re some that matter and there’re some that matter the most. You’ve to provide a list of the standout elements on your website to Google, which will eventually determine whether your blog posts or pages get clicked or not.

So what are the elements that are generally factored in by search engines like Google?

  • Product pricing
  • Customer reviews
  • Keywords
  • Operating hours
  • Ratings

Now, these elements hold immense importance to your site but you need to convey the same to Google or other search engines. Well, a very simple way to make search engines understand the same is with rich snippets and schema markup.

What Are Rich Snippets & Schema Markup?


Rich snippets are the vital information that you get to see around the website link and Schema markup is the HTML code that is used in the creation of rich snippets. Now, rich snippets help users decide whether they want to click on a link or not.

Adding rich snippets to your site will not only help users get additional information about your website but it will also boost your rankings on SERPs.

Popular Plugins:

Schema Pro | RafflePress | OptinMonster | All in One SEO Pro | SEOPressor | SEMrush | Convert Pro | WP Rocket

Rich snippets don’t have a direct bearing on your website’s SERP ranking but it helps in improving the click-through rates, which in turn sends positive signals to Google. All this eventually culminates into a higher ranking on Google SERP.

How to add rich Snippets and Schema Markup on your website?

Well, adding rich snippets to your website is a complex task as you have to create the appropriate Schema Markup (all HTML coding) to generate the rich snippets.

However, WordPress website owners don’t have to break a sweat if they wish to add rich snippets. Yes, they can accomplish the task without touching a single line of HTML code. All they need is a decent schema plugin and create snippets with just a few clicks.

Here’s a list of essential schema markup and rich snippet plugins for WordPress preferred by marketers across the world:

WordPress Schema and Rich Snippet Plugins

1. Schema Pro


If you’re looking for speed and convenience then Schema Pro should be your go-to plugin for creating rich snippets. Adding rich snippets to multiple pages and posts is super-easy with this plugin as it supports 13 different types of schema. Schema Pro supports the following:

  1. Reviews (movies, products, music, books, etc.)
  2. Services
  3. Recipes
  4. Video objects
  5. Software applications (adding reviews as well as star ratings boosts your applications)
  6. People
  7. Books
  8. Products
  9. Local businesses
  10. Courses
  11. Articles (blogs, news, etc.)
  12. Events
  13. Job postings

Popular Articles:

2. All in One Schema Rich Snippets


All in One Schema Rich Snippets has shown us that the most complex coding tasks could be accomplished most easily.

Yes, this is the simplest of all the WordPress schema plugin available in the market. Nevertheless, it offers you the opportunity to create snippets for events, ratings, reviews, software applications, and articles.

The biggest advantage of using this plugin is that it’s available for free and you don’t even need to scour through multiple fancy designs. However, it includes all the basics needed to create a decent snippet for your site.

Even after all this, there’s a major handicap to using this plugin: it fails to support automation.

This plugin has been developed by the makers of Schema Pro and it’s dashboard advertises the same heavily. So how do you make your choice between the two?

Well, if you’re running a big online business then go for the Schema Pro or else you can easily do with All in One Schema Rich Snippets.

Best Articles:

3. Schema and Structured Data for WP & AMP


This is another immensely popular WordPress schema plugin that packs in real punch – it supports 33 different schema types, which includes 3 unique ones as well:

  • How To (the rich snippets includes the steps in your how-to article)
  • Q&A (the rich snippet features pertinent questions and answers)
  • Audio object (rich snippet includes details such as length, date of upload, etc.)

Now, comes the biggest surprise of all – if you’re unable to find your schema type within the list of 33 provided by this plugin, you can always request the development team to provide you with a customized one! Isn’t that cool?

Some other impressive features of this plugin include:

  • Reviews collected from more than 75 sites
  • Get customized rating boxes for review with a detailed schema markup
  • Compatible with plugins such as WP SEO Schema and SEOPressor

Best Plugins:

Thrive Themes | Hero Themes | WPBrigade | ThimPress | WP Portfolio | Themify | ThemeIsle | Wishpond

4. WP Review Plugin


WP Review is the best plugin for e-commerce websites as its primary focus is to improve customer interaction with detailed service and product reviews and ratings.

However, this is an equally good plugin for bloggers who review software, recipe, etc because they will be able to create rich snippets of reviews and ratings.

WP Review offers the following features:

  • Rating systems with stars, points, or percentage
  • Individual reviews unlimited color changes
  • Extremely lightweight and functions without slowing down your website
  • Majority of the WordPress themes support it
  • Couple of good review boxes

It’s really easy to install as well as configure WP Review while making schema markup creation easy, even for the beginners.

Pretty Links | Blubrry PowerPress | Tidio | MonsterInsights | SuperbThemes | WP Review Pro | CSS Igniter

5. WP SEO Structured Data Schema


Available for free, WP SEO Structured Data Schema offers everything that you would require to create schema markup and rich snippets.

Schema types supported by this plugin include local businesses, events, videos, ratings, and organizations.

You can even add logos, people’s names, geo coordinates, working hours, business descriptions, etc.

How to choose the one that fulfills your requirements?

Choosing a schema markup plugin for WordPress website is easy; all you need to do is jot down your requirements.

In case you have a simple website that doesn’t need detailed or fancy rich snippets then always settle for the free plugins that are both user and pocket-friendly.

On the other hand, if you maintain multiple websites and blogs then investing in a good plugin with advanced features is a wise move.

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